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Our stock covers can be viewed below to provide ideas. Main stages of the Made by Me yearbook process. The cover is the first thing that every student, staff member, and faculty member will see. This means you can dramatically increase the number and type of yearbook photos for available for use if your yearbook without any extra effort on your part.

Make your yearbooks your way! Talk to your representative to try them out and read more about each option below. Provides online project ladder view. We do offer competitive printing rates, so please contact us if you want a quote.

There is no limit to the number of pages you can do. Portraits can be sorted into panels automatically. Click on an image to enlarge it.

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Make corrections, add portraits and quickly reflow panels. Keep in mind that colors will not look exactly the same on your computer screen and in the printed book unless you are using a Pantone guide. Make your changes and resubmit for final printing. There are thousands of pieces of clip art and page themes to choose from.

Update and change database information through the software, then automatically flow your portraits into pages with just a few clicks. Fusion Yearbooks Frequently Asked Questions. The total count of portrait pictures is how to decide on the size of the software license. We are happy to provide a quote and discuss the options available to you.

Everything does not necessarily have to be laid out in a symmetrical way or in a grid, but this does help the balance. If you need software, we offer free of charge Lumapix YearbookFusion Software, which will provide you with outstanding results. YearbookFusion allows you to add images by dragging and dropping them into a frame and has many options for editing. See who is working on what in real-time and manage progress.

Get a Free Quote We are happy to provide a quote and discuss the options available to you. So thankful for this company. Manage your invoices and payments directly in-app. Discover more possibilities available to you here. Pictavo allows anyone on your yearbook team to work on the yearbook anytime, anywhere there is a high speed internet connection.

Power layout tools, immediate layout of local images and the ability to collaborate with anybody anywhere. The new ladder view option gives you a view of the entire yearbook at once.

They can be used simply by dragging and dropping images into the templates, which can be enhanced with backgrounds or page themes to create awesome pages! This is important to me when I select a company to work with.

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The Possibilities are Endless We are pleased to offer our customers options when it comes to yearbook cover software. It features tools like chat, group chat, sticky notes, and file sharing. Easy collaboration with students and teachers. With a more open page-build style, you can see who is active within pages and work together. Loved it and will use them again.

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Publisher controlled online store Administrative hassle to setup yearbook store. They made this whole yearbook process a great one. Whether it is for a yearbook course, a small group project or a massive one, bora dugic mp3 build the exact team you need. The software is intuitive and students as well as teachers will easily be able to exercise the software within minutes. This software demo is the full software version that will let you test and try out all the features before you purchase.

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We are very happy with everything. The software is based on a license which is good for consecutive days after purchase. You can reuse it again and again. If you find anything you would like to amend on the hard copy proofs, let us know and we will unlock the file for editing. Access templates, backgrounds and clipart, and utilise multi-user collaboration if you would like the yearbook to be a real team effort.

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Time-stamped notes and alerts help you keep record of your progress. Can I add my own Borders or Clip Art? You can then view all of the yearbooks sold through an online sales report.

The functionality of this program is seamless and very user-friendly. Always responsive with any question We've been dealing with Yearbook Life for several years and it's been a great experience!

And the product was beautiful! Set up a book structure that works with you. You can add in your own Image files. Pictavo allows your yearbook staff to effectively communicate without having to be face to face. It is recommended that you review the user documentation and watch the tutorial videos first.

Let your clients log into a web-based application to build their books. The new ladder view option gives you a view of the entire yearbook maker at once.

With three ways to upload images and excellent user-management tools, Yearbook Fusion is everything you need to build a fabulous yearbook. Our online yearbook software allows you to drag and drop your photos and enhance them with amazing photo filters. Fly over usual time-consuming tasks. The title of the theme should be written either on the front cover or on the spine to make it clear and the visual elements should go along with it.

You will receive a hard copy proof from the printer for checking. Need help getting everyone organized? If you know how to click a mouse you know how to create a beautiful and unique yearbook using Picaboo Yearbooks.

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Click here to learn more about the Pictavo Community Photo Upload feature. When you have multiple image elements as well as text on a cover, it can start to look messy if not done properly. Build the pricing that is right for you using our quote calculator. Easily type or paste text into pages, and customise the look with a choice from hundreds of fonts, sizes, styles, and colours.

If you choose to do so you can create your book in any standard graphic software. Once purchased, you will receive the registration key code to unlock the software to finish and print your files.