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It especially happens to Ron a lot, because he is implied to be swearing sometimes in canon, it's just never outright stated what he said. It's understandable, given that he's an eight-story-tall red demon. Not just his name and mask, his entire weapon arsenal features X motifs.

His fighting techniques resemble dance moves. However, as it turned out, Slade had second guesses. In American homework grading, a red x indicates a mistake. Kabam's Kingdoms of Camelot on Facebook has sound effects for various actions and screens within the game.

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He joins the Titans against large threats, and respects Robin as a rival, but he's a thief and therefore isn't really on their side either. Constantly mistreats Starfire and is willing to frame her for crimes she committed and force her into an Arranged Marriage for her benefit, to name a few examples. Rather, Morally Ambiguous Counterpart. She wears the same purple metal on her outfit as Starfire. This gets even more discordant when someone describes a claim as being Wankable.

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Being a demon, it is fire, of course. The captive responds by spitting on her and getting shot for her troubles. Doesn't mean I don't know how. The word is pretty archaic, and even those who know what it means would find it more a novelty than actually offensive.

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Furthermore, some of the slang is simply wrong. For a recent republication he consented to rename them Wannek, irritating at least a few fans because a race that can express a sentence in the overtones of a single chime ought to be monosyllabic.

Xander Berkeley News and Gossip - Latest Stories - FamousFix

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He makes no illusions about his goals and how he achieves them, but apparently it's just a living to him. He has some baseline heroism, but he's really working for himself. Appears in only one episode, though this can be forgiven because she appears to be eaten by an alien plant-monster at the end. She lacks empathy towards her own sister, Starfire, only incriminating her for her own crimes, and trying to kill her in the process.

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The Cain to Starfire's Abel because of her schemes and bitchiness. As with majority of the villains, california full hookup camping he was created for the series.

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He also seems to care about whether or not a city full of people is going to be disintegrated because of a psychotic villain, as well as whether or not Robin is going to fall to his death. But he is defeated by Raven two episodes after his debut. Mostly defined by the colors black and purple. He actually looked rather embarrassed by it. Nowhere else in Bujold's books do we find this sort of expression.

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