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At the end it was the first trip with clients in all Slovakia and Czech Republic. Not only my own view on the given conflict but also incredible respect for Afghanistan and its people. We had no, but absolutely no information.

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It is more or less impossible on the ground and airplanes are extremely expensive, even for rich European. Afghanistan is one of few countries that got close to my heart and it is not because it would be dangerous or because of the fact that only few people go there. The beard probably worked well since for all the time no one thought I am European. But the more time we spend on the ship and they see we do same things as they do, and mainly, that we behave normally, the more the soul of African people is opening towards us. Life in Congo is relatively calm today.

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It does not matter whether you are white or black. If you now gained a feeling that I am gambling with my life I will reply that I am not going to the place where there is currently a fight.

There is something special about Afghanistan. If you have not heard about this less populated corner of Russia so far, the reason is that no one could get there. If you want to go there, just go. Old motor of the ship went quiet, andrei kirilenko dating people got back into their temporary housing and the sounds of the rain forest could be heard.

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We are having a common bath because of crocodiles and we have to slap the water a lot. The country with the lowest average age, with the lowest educational qualification, with the lowest income per capita and, of course, one of the most dangerous ones.

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Not only weather can be extreme, but also political situation or journey from point A to point B. Afghanistan ranks highest in all various negative statistics. Nationals are making use of peace around weapons and they are sailing in search of better life. When you add also paramilitaries that refused obedience to local President you will get answer why no traveller went there.

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What was actually our target? In this article I am not going to pretend that the experiences I went through are equivalent to the general extreme. Even today local Russians need an authorization to get there. Wilderness where you will meet nobody for weeks?