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It was full of interesting information. So we ask them, we offer them the opportunity to share on social networks but also share their e-mail, and you get massive leverage on e-mail. It just indicates some attraction we have.

We can market that at no marginal cost, which is one of the big challenges that game developers have today, and then we distribute onto Orkut, Facebook, and eventually mobile. In general internet speeds are relatively slow. That was on a quarterly rate. Lots been written about it. In terms of our demographic, we started growing very quickly in Brazil around last May or June.

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Who is Louise Fazenda dating? Louise Fazenda boyfriend, husband

Vostu, game developer out of Argentina. MiniFazenda, the popular and successful social game, cost comparison of dating sites launches the first title of its mobile game saga. Get now MiniFazenda Bubble! And the strategy of this year is very much focused on a limited number of high-impact releases so as to maximize the chances of getting a hit.

They were - the one example we cite here was on behalf of a political imitative in Mexico. Can you also address what sort of margins you think that would lead back to Quepasa? It has the highest penetration of social media in the world.

But Ideiasnet has great insights into a number of other emerging businesses or even established businesses that are very complementary. They work through Carneval in Brazil. And all of those count as engagements.

And just the combination of just the traditional media with this viral tool is tremendous. And so we have an affiliate deal with them. So try to focus more on those points.

What do you think are the advntages to Quepasa from ideiasnet and how can you use ideiasnet as a base to further your strategy? And we get great results on Twitter. Summary of our financials for last year. And a couple of companies that launched really Farmville knock-off games in on the Orkut platform in Brazil over the past fourteen months.

Brazil is a case in point we cite here. The company we acquired had a number of different suitors and options and the key reason for them working with us was the fact that we were public. Best case point, on a global scale, or in the U. So same sort of ramp that you saw in Zynga within this context again possibly because of the power of the social graph and with the interactions between people.

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We attempt to de-risk that by taking existing successful concepts on Facebook that have been successful either in Asia or the U. Flies, moths, beetles, caterpillars and hundreds of crazy bugs are waiting to test your aim! But I would look at it very much really as you would any option. Quepasa, since you listed on Amex has generated a huge amount of interest from the investment public. Another interesting stat is that one out of every four ad impressions served in the U.

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Raised a financing last December. That on Twitter, the amount of conversion you get on links is even better than Facebook. For the most part, new people.

Mini Fazenda Bubble Shooter

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Very difficult to monetize that through ad networks and commodity banners. As part of the TechFront acquisition, we acquired a new board member, Lars Batista. Facebook value on a per user basis, is very very high. But generally they had to share their entry across the social web.

Shoot at the bugs of the same color in order to create groups and be able to explode big sections at once. Their call to action was to enter our contest and then as a way for people to gain additional points in the contest, they have to go do a test drive is an option they could do. Yeah, we were talking about that at a prior meeting. Their sales forces actually pitching our product. Moving on to social games, just some of the basic stats for Latin America on how these games are monetized.

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What is different about Quepasa? This time, the Bubble version of the game offers an original and fun story full of action and surprises. If they meet their projections, they should be profitable by September. He was a co-founder of TechFront, the game development studio. Advance through the different levels and discover power-ups that will make your task easier.

First we single-mindedly focused on user acquisition and nothing else. We announced the acquisition of a social game development studio last week in Brazil.

Do you have an active user measure? He was previously a Univision. Which, you know again, this industry is very much hit-driven, so hard to predict.