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It drove me to read Job over and over. No government or dictator is so powerful as to be beyond the sway of His sovereign rule over all the nations of the earth. Why are babies born with birth defects or why are they born only to die within a few months after their birth? For His glory, for our good or for both - His glory and our good. Yet it is just as important to trust God as it is to obey Him.

But He also seeks the good of those who love Him. He has His purposes in life that are sometimes beyond us. Fast forward a few weeks and I'm so overwhelmed I'm not sure how to see straight.

It contains so many Scripture quotes and quotes from Christians through the years. It's tough to believe that there is a god, and that He or She or It - if you prefer is perfect, and that He's just up there winging it.

And seeing the way things are, and the way things could be, I believe in perfection. But when we fail to trust God we doubt His sovereignty and question His goodness. The truth that the king's heart is in the hand of the Lord is meant to be a stimulus to prayer, not a stimulus to a fatalistic attitude. It starts after a set of presuppositions has been established.

Trusting God with Study Guide Jerry Bridges

Depend on God daily and He will give you the perseverance. It may be an advanced college degree with its ticket to a guaranteed position or our insurance policies or our financial nest egg for retirement years. Som This book was not easy to review but it is a privilege for me to share with you some of what I learned from reading it. God is perfect in love - his love never reduces, fails or changes, no matter what the situation or what our reaction is!

Where is God when horrible things happen? The law of God is readily recognized to be good for us, even when we don't want to obey it.

His discipline is always exactly suited for our needs. If God controls the circumstances of the sparrow, how much more does He control the circumstances that affect us? It is a vigorous act of the soul by which we choose to lay hold on the promises of God and cling to them despite the adversity that at times seeks to overwhelms us. His central theme asserts that we can only trust God when bad things happen if He is totally sovereign, wise, and loving. If we would trust God for our persecuted brothers and sisters in other countries, we must be diligent in prayer for their rulers.

Trusting God with Study Guide

Bridges is speaking to those who are undergoing painful circumstances, those who need to be reminded to trust God despite the horrible situation in which they find themselves. Rabbi Harold Kushner chose the latter in his best-selling book When Bad Things Happen to Good People, a position that Bridges references and refutes throughout the book. Still, I wanted to see concrete proof in Scripture to confirm what I felt the Holy Spirit was telling me. The whole situation had been in His hands the whole entire time. God always seek His own glory.

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Excellent treatise on the sovereignty of God and how we can trust Him in the good times and the bad. That being said, this was a five star book for me listening to the audio version. It was long, repetitive, and not as applicable as I wanted it to be.

But God in His goodness had different plans for my brother. He always has a purpose for the grief He brings or allows to come into our lives. Even though I didn't understand why I had to go through so much pain, I trusted that He knew what He was doing. It went through multiple biblical examples of trial, struggle and stress, and in every case, at the end - God's purpose was revealed.

And as you come to know Him better, you'll find yourself trusting Him more completely. Trusting God by Jerry Bridges turned into something I was not expecting, and I was all the happier for it. This book, Trusting God Even When Life Hurts, challenges readers to place their trust in him completely even when they don't understand why God allows trials and tribulations to enter their lives. Jerry Bridges contends that as you begin to explore the scope of God's power over nations, nature, and the detailed lives of individuals, dvd movies maker software you'll begin to acknowledge His loving control. Jerry Bridges explains how we must continue to deal with our flesh nature and respond by being good stewards of the resources God entrusts us with.

Trusting God Even When Life Hurts

And we all are tempted to question whether or not God is really in complete control. Our duty is found in the revealed will of God in the Scriptures. This horrible situation that happened to me was not mistake, it wasn't fate, it wasn't the cosmos. He is the perfect teacher or coach.

Trusting God Even When Life Hurts by Jerry Bridges

At times this audio came across as very fatalistic although the author does warn against that himself. This was a really good look at what sovereignty looks like in day-to-day life. This book is a reminder that God is in control and that everything in our lives happens according to His plan and purpose for us.

Trusting God with Study Guide

You may entrust to me your most valuable possessions. He does it with the awareness of the tensions between God's sovereignty and man's responsibility, yet he does not rely on speculation or philosophy. There are still chapters to be written. It suddenly became a crucial issue in my life! There is a quote that Jerry Bridges writes at the end of the book that perfectly sums this book up.

We stand upon the promises of Scripture and trust the Lord to accomplish His purposes, namely, to bring the Christian into greater and greater conformity to Jesus. But all-in-all Bridges did a good job of answering the unasked follow-up questions that other Christian authors ignore. Yet, He never leaves our side, and He is still worthy of our trust.

If you are up to the challenge this is a great book to read. As someone whose life has been mercifully free of large-scale hardship, I would have appreciated the incorporation of less catastrophic opportunities for trust.

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God does not walk away and leave us to the mercy of uncontrolled random or chance events. Our suffering has meaning and purpose in God's eternal plan, and He brings or allows to come into our lives only that which is for His glory and our good. Sometimes it is very hard to trust God for the out come and simply place our trust in His sovereignty over all things.

Trusting God with Study Guide Jerry Bridges

He came back solitary and alone, his mighty army perished and wasted, having well-nigh eaten and devoured one another through hunger. For our nation, it is our military build-up. This is probably my favourite of his, followed by Respectable Sins.