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Sarah Bryant Virtua Fighter. She also feels intense admiration for a certain fighter, icu book and she has entered the fifth Dead or Alive Tournament to follow her dream of taking on her idol in the ring.

Lisa is an unlockable and alternative costume of La Mariposa. Of all the voiceover work I've done, I had yet to voice a fighting game character.

After being freed by Lisa from Rig's trap, he helps Kasumi, Hayabusa and Ayane defeat the remaining clones. He learned taekwondo on the oil rig, which led him to create his own style, with plenty of moves he came up with himself. After defeating Tina in the quarterfinals, he places third after losing to Jann Lee in the semifinals. Playable in console version. She has an older sister-type demeanor, yet is shown to have some lewd aspects to her.

In the live-action adaptation, Bass is played by professional wrestler Kevin Nash. She can be seen at the end of Eliot's ending. As Hayabusa proves his strength to her and spare her life as well, Nyotengu is finally satisfied.

Rig also the one who handles the promotion of Armstrong wrestling family and Mila for the wrestling tournament. Like Tina in the English versions of the game, he, too, speaks with a Southern accent. Requests Blacklist Console Tag Project. He is also revealed to be uncertain of why Gen Fu would choose him as his successor, seen while talking to Brad Wong. His appearances in the games are portrayed with his face obscured, usually with a wooden mask.

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Niki is Zack's lucky charm Lady Luck and he takes her everywhere with him, going as far as naming a beach on his island's eastern shore after her. He loses in the second tournament, but returns in the third tournament where he encounters Jann Lee.

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The two were in a loving relationship until Lauren's sudden, tragic death in the desert. He decides to enter the fifth tournament, and Brad follows him. It is later revealed in Dimensions that Genra allowed him to escape to the human world. Through a strategic partnership between Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. He is playable in all console versions of the original Dead or Alive once unlocked.

Soon after, he regained his memory as Hayate and returned home to his village. In her earlier years, Miyako fell in love with Fame Douglas, and the two of them had an affair which resulted in Kokoro's birth. He challenges Helena to win the third Dead or Alive tournament in order to gain her freedom and learn the truth behind the company, and also employs the assassin Christie to keep an eye on her.

Also, in a cutscene involving her talking to Helena, she has shown to have some form of resentment with the company, specifically with Donovan's motives. If there are any soundtracks matching the game for download, a list will appear. She appears as a playable character in Dead or Alive Paradise.

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The Street Fighter Family. The legendary fighting franchise returns with Street Fighter V!

Dead or Alive franchise characters Tecmo Koei characters. This concept evolved into the character of Nicole. Unfortunately, the Zack Island has sunk to the bottom of the ocean. However, a previously inactive volcano erupted, and Niki decided to escape using Zack's jet pack. She finally teams up with Tina to defeat a rival wrestling team at the end of her story mode, revealing her true identity in the process.

After surviving a failed attack on his life by an unknown sniper, Bayman decides to retaliate against his former client Donovan and shows up at the third tournament. He decides to re-enter the ring after the next tournament is announced, mainly after hearing that Tina will participate. Why'd you steal our garbage! She also has an older sister named Nagisa who is extremely protective of her. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

While in a middle of cheering the sixth tournament battles, Rig ended up being brainwashed by Christie twice. In the sixth tournament however, she finally won against Bass at eighth-finals. As a result, Bungie developed the concept of a Spartan not entirely connected to the Halo storyline who could conveniently and somewhat plausibly be fit into the Dead or Alive universe.

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An Oni who came to the Venus Islands and placed the Owner under control. Zack survived, but his island was completely destroyed. After she and her mother move to Tokyo for her mother's business, Kokoro sees Helena's announcement for the next tournament, in which she loses to Eliot in the quarterfinals.

In the game's true ending, after she frees Hayate and the Mugen Tenshin ninja and Hayabusa destroy the lab, she is trapped under some debris and her scream can be heard in the following explosion. Unfortunately, the tower catches on fire as a result of the Mugen Tenshin attack as Zack is climbing it, but he manages to escape the flames, saving Helena's life in the process. Rig's disappearance and why Mugen Tenshin and Hayabusa Ninjas are after him, cause Bass worries his situation. She is a modern-day girl who will lightheartedly come into contact with the owner like a friend.