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The songs were not popular items of entertainment for the consumption of the common man. His songs were noted for their mellifluous tone, poetic style, compelling depth, and passionate emotional evocation.

He died in the s but his music is still very much enjoyed by the Pashtun diaspora around the world, mainly by the Pashtuns in the Kandahar - Quetta regions. The style borrows from many other musical traditions such as the Indian, Iranian, Middle Eastern, folkloric Afghan traditions etc. The Afghan concept of music is closely associated with instruments, and thus unaccompanied religious singing is not considered music.

The dombura is played with much banging and scratching on the instrument to help give a percussive sound. Zahir's favourite instrument, the accordion a western albeit not pop instrument heavily features in this album. The vast majority of the elite artists in Afghanistan until the s were trained in the Indian classical tradition.

These styles include Qataghani, Logari, Qarsak etc. Many other singers, however, who do not belong to this genre, have dabbled in recording songs in the Qataghani, logari, wedding cartoon vector qarsak etc. Large population of Qataghani people are in Baghlan the capital of Qataghan province living into Darah Nikpai.

This does not mean he made the style simplistic, but that he made it accessible and thus hugely popular to the masses, especially the youth of Afghanistan. All of these albums were successful and widely accepted to this date by everyone.

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However, it was Zahir's second album also recorded with Radio Kabul that not only shot him to superstardom, but was also hailed by critics as an artistic masterpiece. Pop music emerged in Afghanistan during the s, and became very popular until the late s. This article about History of Afghanistan is a stub.

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President Ronald Reagan and others. List of Pashto-language singers.

Qasim's most recent album came out in February in Canada. Webarchive template wayback links.

The second group, Mohali folk music was more diverse. This form, Western music mainly consisting of pop, and nowadays rap etc. These amateurs innovated in Afghan music and created a more modern approach to the traditional folklore and classical music of Afghans. Greenwood Publishing Group.

The two strings are made of nylon in modern times or gut. Culture and customs of Afghanistan. He then continued his higher education for two more years in India to get a degree as an English instructor.

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Sarban's songs set the template for the unique Persian -language Afghan musical sound that characterizes the most popular Afghan musical genre today. The Academy Award -nominated American film director Sam French has been tapped in to direct a documentary film about Zahir's life. Some prominent artists in this category were Hamahang, Beltoon etc. Book Category Asia portal.

They cross a short bridge to a pin at the other end of the body. These different traditions and styles evolved over centuries in the context of a highly diverse ethnic, linguistic, regional, religious, and class distinctions which characterized Afghan society. Badakhshan Province and northeastern Afghanistan. However, the progenitor of this musical tradition was another Afghan singer named Abdul Rahim Sarban.

Ahmad Zahir simplified the lyrical, compositional, and orchestral aspects of Sarban and Sarmast's musical tradition. Many people continued to secretly play their instruments.

Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references Afghanistan articles missing geocoordinate data All articles needing coordinates All stub articles. During the s, the Afghan Civil War caused many musicians to flee, and subsequently the Taliban government banned instrumental music and much public music-making. The album has a distinctly Afghan sound, very much a continuation of the distinct Afghan style of music created by the singer Sarban and Salim Sarmast. The Indian classical tradition was a hugely influential strain.

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There, he formed a band mainly consisting of his friends and classmates including Omar Sultan on guitar, Farid Zaland on congas and Akbar Nayab on piano. Abdul Zahir father Quraisha mother. After his death, Zahir was considered a national hero. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The vast majority of Persian-speaking singers since the s belong to this genre.

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It was reported in the media that he died in a car accident around the Salang Tunnel. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Ubaidullah Jan Kandaharai is regarded as the king of Pashto music in the southern Afghanistan region. Of all the Afghan musicians, the person most closely associated with creating the distinct Afghan sound of music is Ahmad Zahir. The s were the golden age of Afghanistan's music industry.