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A Collection of Free Photoshop Hair Brushes

In my case, since I have a second photo on a layer below the main image, we can see the second photo behind my selection. And it's perfect for painting stars!

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Free Vintage Skulls Photoshop Brushes. These Hair Smudge Brushes are ideal to be used in various prints as well as off site requirements. The only option you should try is the fourth one, Shift Edge. The names can be a bit confusing, so you may find it helpful to think of the Refine Radius Tool as the Add to Radius brush and the Erase Refinements Tool as the Subtract from Radius brush.

Even More BrushesHair Brush SetA Collection of Free Photoshop Hair Brushes

Hair brushes by Lugubrum-stock. Once we've done all we can with the Radius slider and the Smart Radius option, we can then manually refine our radius using a couple of brushes that come with the Refine Edge command.

Often, we'll need to jump between view modes as we're working, which is why you may have noticed that each of the view modes in the list has a letter to the right of its name. They were created digitally and are perfect in digital portraits.

Clicking on the Refine Edge button in the Options Bar with a selection tool active. They are only for personal use and are not allowed for commercial projects. That's why the Radius value is measured in pixels px. Since we focused so much on selecting the hair in the image, there may be some other parts of the selection that need a bit of cleaning up. Vintage Vector Skull Shapes Collection.

Free Fur Photoshop brushes. If we look in my document window, we can see the radius as that visible zone between the two areas of solid black. The gray background from the original image is visible while my mouse button is held down. Hair Brushes I by flordelys-stock. As you drag the slider, you'll see some of the hair that was outside of your initial selection beginning to appear.

It's no wonder most Photoshop users avoided selecting hair at all cost. Or visit our Photoshop Basics section for more Photoshop topics! If we look in my Layers panel, flash er for chrome we see that Photoshop has made a copy of my original image and converted my selection into a layer mask on the new layer. These can be used to add some hair volumes and sway to improve the overall look of model photos.

Hair Brush Set

This is another pack of six hi-res hair brushes that ranges from px to px in size. Thankfully, another of the Refine Edge view modes - Reveal Layer - let's us do exactly that! Notice that I'm keeping my selection along the inner edge of her arm.

Selecting Hair with Refine Edge in Photoshop CS5

Then experiment with the layer modes I recommend Overlay. There's no need for any fancy or advanced selection tools here. This is the first brush I use for any painting. You can also press the letter F repeatedly to cycle between the view modes. To achieve natural effects, switch the sizes and opacity regularly.

They can be used for prints and personal artworks, although commercial use will need permission for the owner of the stock. Keep in mind as you use these tools that unlike Photoshop's other selection tools, we're not adding to, or subtracting from, the actual selection itself with these tools. Keeping the selection outline away from areas where the background is showing through the hair. This spackled brush is a great special effects tool.

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Even More Brushes

As I move up into the woman's hair, I'll again stay close to the edge but I'll make sure to avoid any areas where the gray background is showing through her hair. There are other ways to adjust the size of the radius, as we're about to see! They come in small strands to bunch of hairs that differ in sizes.

By default, Decontaminate Colors is turned off. The pressure-sensitive opacity will enable you to create a bigger variety of skin tones. It consists of different hairstyles such as braids, curls, wavy, straight, etc.

For more about Photoshop selection tools, see our How to make selections in Photoshop series. Professionals often include free brush sets into the mix as they have restricted features which are customer oriented.

It all depends on which View Mode is currently selected at the top of the Refine Edge dialog box. If you look to the left of the Radius and Smart Radius options, you'll see a brush icon. So what exactly is happening here? Later, you might want to shrink the brush and add some lighter textures to some parts of the scar to make it look more natural.

This tutorial is part of our Portrait Retouching collection. When you release your mouse button, the original image disappears and we see the result, with more of the hair added to the selection. With Smart Radius turned on, Photoshop can adjust the width of the radius in different areas.

These hair brushes can provide natural hair effects through Photoshop so use them right now to change the entire graphic in your photo manipulations. What I want to do is replace that original gray background with a different image.

With some images, the selection may be easier to see against white, others against black, and so on. This will select the view mode, then close out of the list.