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Display a national flag in a position superior to all other flags. Individuals present in military uniform should perform the military salute. However, it is also a symbol of a country and its beliefs, in much the same way that a cross is used to represent Christianity.

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If you are displaying the national flags of multiple countries, they should all be the same size. National flags should not be flown in bad weather, such as heavy rain or thunderstorms, india shapefile unless the flag is an all-weather flag.

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If two flags are displayed crossing each other, would that be disrespectful? When flags of multiple countries are flown in the same place, they must all be displayed as equals.

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. So no, failing to respect a flag is not creepy, much less harassment.

Indian Flag Wallpapers HD Images Free Download

Raise the flag as though normal, but once you have reached the peak of the staff, slowly lower the flag to half-mast. For those observing the speaker, this will be on the speaker's left. Display multiple flags in the correct order. The American flag is hung vertically with the blue section with stars to the top left as you face it. The flag should be raised at sunrise, and lowered at sunset.

Do not use a national flag as a textile. Display a national flag with prominence at a lectern. It is customary for flags to be placed together according to a prescribed order. Policies, rules, laws, traditions and customs of your country or other countries may differ from the information contained in this article.

They should each be flown on individual flagpoles, each of the same size. The flag must hang freely. Fly the flag from sunrise to sunset.

How to Practice National Flag Etiquette (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Main hu hanuman aur Bharat desh mera ram hai Dekh lo chhati chir kar Dil me hindustan hai Bharat mata ki jay Bharat mata ki jay Jay hind jay hindustan. Some organizations, such as the American Legion, will take old, worn flags and dispose of them appropriately.

When three flags are displayed in a line the national flag should be in the middle or the second flag. Make sure to follow handling etiquette when attaching the flag to the staff. Can another national flag fly below the U.

Hamara kahana he ki Hindustaan ka aadmi jiye to seir ki tarah jiye warna paida hote hi mar jay. Buildings and outdoor flag staffs should be flown from sunrise to sunset.

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Store the flag in a spot where it will not come into contact with anything that can soil it. Most are familiar with not allowing flags to touch the ground. Display the flag correctly when parading. Cookies make wikiHow better.

For example, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan have all clearly prohibited their national flags from being displayed vertically when hung from a wire or mounted to a wall. All of the flags must be the same size and no flag can be bigger or smaller than another flag. If the flag is displayed on a float, it must be hanging from a staff.

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The headwear may be held in the right hand, allowing the headwear to rest on the shoulder, while the hand is over the heart. Chalo phir se aaj woh nazara yaad kar le, Shahido ke dil me thi vo jwala yaad karle, Jisme behkar azadi pahuchi thi kinare pe Deshbhakto ke khoon ki vo dhara yad I love my India. Desecration of a flag is punishable in some nations. This indicates deference to those present.

Indian Flag Wallpapers HD Images Free Download

Have you ever wondered how national flags are displayed correctly? Really proud that I am the citizen of this country. When carried in a parade, the national flag should be carried on the marching right. Some nations practice this for national events, such as the Olympics, and others do not. Display the flags of multiple nations as equals.

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Featured Articles Etiquette Flags. Upload a picture for other readers to see. These range from two flags, to five or more. Salute the flag when raised and lowered. Staffs that are flying the flag may not also fly advertisements for a product or company.