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If you're curious about the Moonstone gameplay then we have good news for you! In single-player mode, the two analog sticks on the joypad each control a character. It has been speculated that it would be a game that would make use of the PlayStation Move technology in order to control the main character. Enter the email address you use for your Big Fish account. Play this game on your own website!

It's Hi-Time to visit the Hi-Tide. We will maintain the same levels of openness and transparency that we displayed during our previous campaign. Teetoe, Fraya and The Fencer. The Moclips River wraps around the back of the property and borders along the north as it goes into the ocean leaving us on a unique peninsula surrounded by water.

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Certificate of Excellence. This Pledge also allows access to all add-ons and applicable stretch goals unlocked during the campaign. This pledge level contains a collection of starter sets and troupe boxes at a fantastic trade price along with promotional materials for your store. Investigate the suspects to catch the crook. Questions about this project?

Pick a username you like and can share with others. The game is presented as a puppet show in front of an audience, who can be heard cheering and laughing when impressive actions take place. Reward no longer available. Agatha Tavernfrau, Fritz and Quack.

This place is your own private paradise. Moonstone is a Tabletop Skirmish Game for players set in a wonderfully whimsical storybook world where players bluff to win. If, -god forbid-, anything should go wrong during the production cycle, you will know about it and the reasons why, and we will do everything in our power to make it right. As an up and coming company in the tabletop gaming space, our reputation means everything to us - far, far more than making a quick buck! The exact amount will be calculated based on your location and the weight of your order.

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But to give you an idea, our current shipping estimates are listed below but are subject to change. Your username will be displayed on your review. Additional boxes can be purchased at a reduced price with higher savings the more boxes you add to your order. This pledge gives you access to all of our news and updates and allows access to all add-ons and applicable stretch goals unlocked during the campaign.

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Each one, individually owned and uniquely decorated, to provide a comfortable setting for witnessing the marvelous wonders of nature. Click here to view our Brochure Inside.

Doug The Flatulent sculpted by Tom Lishman. It's a way to bring creative projects to life.

With games only needing models per player, you can be up and running with minimal expense and time spent at the painting desk. Your username is permanent and yours forever. Hi-Tide Ocean Beach Resort. Our full end-to-end production process has been thoroughly tested via the Firespitter campaign which ran, by-and-large extremely smoothly!

Getting the final assets into the game really brings everything together. You will return home refreshed and filled with pleasant memories of your stay with us at the Hi-Tide Ocean Beach Resort.

Moonstone is a whimsical fantasy skirmish game for players, which sees you leading fairy-tale inspired characters across the dark lands in search of precious Moonstones. However, we are by no means complacent!

The end result of our Pilot Kickstarter campaign which ran in June. When the Witch demands the scissors, they adhere to Kutaro, and she allows him to oppose the twelve generals. You can walk wooded paths to the river or along the river banks into the forest or out to the Pacific Ocean and its uncrowded beaches. All of these are included in the Starter Set pledge.

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Enjoy better graphics and more levels. Baron Von Fancyhat sculpted by Raul Tavares. Click here to view our Brochure Cover.

Hi-Tide Ocean Beach Resort is just steps away from the traffic-free beach making it a truly outstanding Washington coastal lodging experience. Eric The Squire sculpted by Raul Tavares. We will collect this via our pledge manager after the campaign ends.

This pledge also allows access to all add-ons and applicable stretch goals unlocked during the campaign. Butterfingers, Wasp and Silvertongue. We are not your run-of-the-mill motel type lodging. This is one of my favourite parts of game creation. Brexit won't cause you any problems if you back this campaign.

Backers will also be listed as a stockist on the moonstonethegame. Moonstone is the first game we have felt is truly deserving of a big investment to push it out of our small circle and into the wider world. Moonstone Fantasy Skirmish Game. Beaky Bobby sculpted by Tom Lishman. From Wikipedia, navigation for iphone 3gs the free encyclopedia.

Exactly the same as the Starter Set pledge except all miniatures will be in Resin rather than White Metal. Should the player not retrieve the head within a few seconds, it will disappear. If Kutaro is damaged by an enemy or obstacle, he loses his head.

Billy, Mama Gimble and Quarrel. The game is playable by one or two players. They may not be redistributed, sold or modified in any way without prior written permission from Goblin King Games. As well as the miniatures themselves, each box contains the bases and stat cards for use in the game.

Don't just rent a room - come home to Hi-Tide - your home away from home! Following on from the tremendous success of our Firespitter Pilot Kickstarter, this campaign now sets out to launch the full game, but that can only be made possible with your help and pledges. You might even be treated to the thrilling sight of local wildlife. Get the latest games, special offers, and more!

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