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There is still so much bottom-shaming in queer culture. As a follow-up to Hedonism?

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And the skinny boys gag, that the boys want to fuck me. It's giving a mood that's very much like, let's close out the summer with a bang. And to be real, I feel like I'm basically the plus-sized bottom. Then I'm really going to talk about it. Because I wrote about sex, people thought that was all I talked about, even though I put out a full-length project with songs about my life, eastern orthodox dating sites some still thought all I talked about was sex.

That's what the song is about. Because I feel like, since everyone is so queer-interest now, then yes, with this spotlight, let's actually give it up for bottoms. Right, I wanted to include all of that. And the album is titled It's a Top's World. What I had in mind was something super sexual and when I sent it to him what he sent back to me was super sexual, so I feel like we were both vibing with that.

How did you both decide to make this statement? Also, I'm very much about bottoms being completely visible.

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