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Ayarin was openly welcomed, most especially by Harugon, who are actually close friends in real life. Personally, I admired Ayarin because of this. Back then, she was supposedly a promising member and was being promoted alongside Kashiwagi Yuki and Watanabe Mayu.

Kikuchi Ayaka was discovered to have been in a relationship for months while being in the group. The Ayaka Kikuchi Story The word idol is obviously an english word, but the Japanese have also used it for a subclass of their entertainment industry. She would stay Senbatsu for the next two singles, Sakura no Hanabiratachi and Baby! In this state of revenge, he could have implied that they had sex, but again, why should we believe an idiot or a guy seeking revenge? Apparently, the word idol came from a French film, ninjago dating quiz Cherchez I'idole.

The five girls belong to the same agency, and it is rumored that Watariouka was originally supposed to have Ayarin as a five girl group, that was, until she was fired because of the scandal. How damaging could this picture be such that she would get fired from the group?

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Before I continue, I want to point out a few things first. How scandalous could it be?

Incidentally, another Watarirouka member had been involved in this kind of scandal before. And fans realize that and they are fine with it, as long as the illusion is kept.

It started right after the pic with her and her boyfriend spread. So if that rumor was true, she was merely brought back to Warota. So I have no qualms about them having boyfriends.

She suck it up and took what came. The problem was people believed him. But what would your girlfriend think? In fact, sometimes, the more they act like themselves, the cuter they are perceived. The case may be different with Nacchan though.

The difference with Ayarin is that she was found out. Note I am only talking about my number one girl. You might be thinking that the Japanese definition for idol would be the same as the definition for other countries, but that does not seem to be the case.

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According to Wikipedia, the term was used on any cute female actress or singer. Successful on their own, releasing three popular singles, Hatsukoi Dash, Yaruki Hanabi, and Kanpeki Gu-no ne, Ayarin would be added to Watarirouka on their fourth single, Akkanbe Bashi.

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More info on Ayaka Kikuchi

Some would say an idol is a person you dedicate your life to following, which would make sense to English speakers since that is what the English word means. She is the lowest ranking original Team A member. Thus, certain expectations are demanded on them. Aidorus were not free to be themselves, they had to live up to an image, they had to appear perfect.

What kind of love and stupidity is that? After not being chosen as Senbatsu for Bingo! If I was there, I would have been outraged with this guy and would have informed security about what he was trying to do and would ask them to not take the pic with the paraphernalia. They became the most number of people in a single group to be on stage at one time. Those who agree with the surrogate girlfriend theory would be very much for this, again, fans spend a lot of money on them, so they should live up to certain expectations.

On another note, I wonder who will replace her in Team B. Wikipedia tells about how Japan started using the word idol. They really are not stereotypical, not just in this one instance, an instance that as far as I know was unheard of in their industry, but in many other instances as well. First, the boyfriend is stupid. Just her with a boyfriend.

My second possibility makes more sense. They use the katakanized word aidoru, which I will sometimes use in this text for emphasis.

It was the first audition ever where the applicants had to send in their audition video with their mobile phones. For a few of the others, maybe they are more like friends. Because people like these invest so much in their idols, they have a sense of ownership over their idols, and they have certain expectations about their idols.

But what exactly is a Japanese aidoru?