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How come the mine is circular? While avoiding booby traps, guards and Mola Ram, Indy must recover the Stone and escape through one of four doors below the statue of Kali. When you walk far enough to one side, you'll end up where you started very life-like.

But the main attributes are there. You get to choose the difficulty level by entering the shaft with the difficulty you want there are three possibilities. It serves to warn you when there's a bat nearing you though. When on suspension bridges over lava flows, whip enemy guards until they fall in the lava for additional bonus points! Indy is instructed to collect golden idols that are hidden throughout the mines, again chased by guards and bats, along with the Prince of Pankot, who stuns Indy with his voodoo doll.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Video Game ) - IMDb

Cover art of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Most of the game is brown and gray, very unappealing. Not working Just tried it today and after loading, it doesn't start up. It looks bad, has bad controls, and is way too short. If time runs out, the player is confronted by Mola Ram and loses one life and all of their items.

One of the first arcade games that actually followed the plot of its source to a reasonable degree. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. In the original arcade version, the Sankara Stones were not all found in one location at the end of a wave. The whip can be used to destroy or stun enemies and to swing across gaps in the mines.

The level ends when Indy reaches the end of the track unscathed. Also the game had the original Indiana Jones tune. Nevertheless, the mine cart levels are fun to play. You need to return the stones to the villagers. However, these enemies can be knocked into such hazards as lava pits and flaming gasoline cans, which will dispose of them permanently.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Video Game ) - IMDb

Good action for the time A guilty pleasure. The player assumes the role of Indiana Jones as he infiltrates the lair of the evil Thuggee cult, armed with his trademark whip.

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You need to get to the top of the level, where the mining cart awaits you. Also cited as flaws are poor controls, unappealing graphics, the number of enemies, and the text-only ending screen. This entry is for the Nintendo Entertainment System version. The heart may be whipped away, but Mola Ram will continue to reappear until the player takes action.

The International Arcade Museum. Unlike the movie this cart doesn't bring you to the end of the action. Jones was also unable to jump in previous incarnations of the game.

Reception of the game was generally negative. See our Video Games Guide for more.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ( video game)

If you want to play a decent Indiana Jones game, play Fate of Atlantis. Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom is a action arcade game developed and published by Atari Games, based on the film of the same name, the second film in the Indiana Jones franchise. The Temple of Doom was undoubtedly the darkest film in the Indiana Jones trilogy. In addition, if Jones lands in any of the lava pits, crashes a mine cart or hits a boulder or spike trap, he loses one life. Instead, jeff dunham controlled chaos Jones had to travel through a temple every two rounds.

In order to brake, Indy must slow the cart, which the computer will perform automatically as it reaches the temple entrance. All levels also contain mine cart rooms, where Jones can ride the rails through the levels across hazards and past enemies. But really, you just want to get to that damn mine cart so you can whip the oil cans into the thugees!

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Even if you can look past the dated graphics and sound you probably won't enjoy playing this one. Oh yes, this is a good example for a game that probably never should have been made. It's a weird action-mixture made up from the movie of the same name. The Adventure Continues Adventure World. This article is about the arcade game.

Bad controls make the game really difficult when you're approached by several enemies. Books by Language uslprototype. One life is lost whenever Indy touches a hazard or enemy character, falls from too great a height, crashes his mine cart, or falls into lava.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ( video game)

All point taken in consideration even the fact that there's no save option this game comes out very average, thus the average score! The magazine praised the game's playability, but criticized its difficulty and sound effects. Aside from the differences in cover art and cartridge form, however, the actual software of the two games is identical. And when I first played the game a long, long time ago I thought the title screen looked great Look, it's Harrison Ford!

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There really wasn't anything else like it at the time. The sound of an approaching bat is not what I like to hear. And there's no room for a story line in arcade games. Classic Awesome game with incredible graphics for the time.

The level ends when Indy reaches a mine shaft accompanied by a cart. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. This version was a platform and fighting game and featured theme music and sound clips from the actual film.

Minecart Chase In the second level, Indy must ride the minecart in a high-speed race to the temple's entrance. For the earlier arcade version, see Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom video game. Theme music plays in the background which is the best part of the game.

Though this is the final level, the game will continue to provide idols so long as the player still has lives. At the opposite end, Mola Ram awaits, throwing flaming hearts with increasing speed. Although even if you don't rescue them you'll be able to continue. Controls consist of an eight-position joystick and a button to use the whip. The game contains a variety of elements that both aid and hinder the player's progress through the waves.

It is really fun, although I do find it a bit easier playing the game either on an actual arcade machine or as a video game, such as a nintendo. Pick the right route through a network of tracks while riding in a mine cart.

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