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One thing that totally threw me off about Hidden is the fact that the entire book, pages, takes place over only two or three days. Hidden is really no different, this thing has been stretched over so many books after pages and pages of turds it was bound to hit something. The San Francisco Chronicle. Neferet's evil has been exposed, and the High Council is no longer on her side - but she's far from done wreaking havoc in the vampyre world.

Thank goodness there are only two more books left. Lenobia and Travis were so cute together. This would be an amazing twist.

Or maybe it's just because he's so Dark and once he chooses Light, he'll have normal blood. Seriously, for anyone who appreciates tight plotting, cohesive storylines, non-repetitive character development, series planned out from start to finish in advance, ugh. Plus the movie would just go on forever, because I'm figuring that this series will never end. It was interesting to see him fight to be good even if it is a recurring theme. Neferet goes on the news and blabs about how she has broken away from the high council and about how the red fledglings are dangerous.

Hidden (House of Night 10) read online free by P. C. Cast

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. But if you have nothing nice to say about the books don't say anything at all. It hurts my insides thinking about how I'm actually going to buy this books when it comes out. Other World Loved Lost Forgiven.

The climactic scenes of Hidden had me flipping pages fast enough to start a fire. It was so sad when Zoey kept rejecting him. Now, I've been doing predictions for all my new series. There was a solution - though kind of easy and lame - but an opportunity for closure.

As for the rest of the book? Loved that Lenobia was reunited with her true love. Seriously, everytime I look at it I burst out laughing. Since they haven't been mentioned since Tempted, this is a highly unlikely possibility, but maybe they'll come back, at least Sister Mary Angela.

No, this entire series has overstayed its welcome. Zoey knows that Aurox is Heath, so there's going to be some romantic development between them.

What you have the admit thought, is that it's difficult to take these authors seriously when these are the very same people who seemed to be perfectly okay when Aphrodite forced a blowjob on Erik. Or maybe because his blood is completely new, something no vampyre has ever before tasted. Even I was starting to think she was a slut. My patience has admittedly worn thin by these books that seem to persistently insult the intelligence of every teenager with a decent awareness of literature.

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Really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Shaylin was another amazing character, as well as Shaunee and Erik. Hey, alot of people have read at least some of the series. The question mark because I don't know if that's possible remember when Becca tried to drink from Aurox, and she screamed that he didn't taste right?

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The twins are barely speaking and the House of Night's former enemy, Kalona, has now become their warrior, pushing their trust to the limit. Hey, parov stelar have you guys heard anything new about the House of Night movie? So it occurred to me that a hell lot of people seem to connect with my thoughts on the House Of Night series. The beginning of the series and the near-end of the series are quite like day and night no pun intended. Hidden is the tenth novel of the House of Night Series.

We all have bad things inside us, and we all choose either to give in to those bad things or to fight them. But the very bottom line is that this series has it's hooks in me and I just have to keep reading. We would need all out gifts to have a chance at even keeping Darkness at bay. First, a mysterious fire ravages the stables.

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Grandma Redbird was pretty epic in this one, too. Just the engagement between Neferet and Darkness white bull. If Stevie Rae likes Kalona, that's a solvent for their recent arguments. Cast and her daughter stated this back in on the Rachel Ray show when they were there to promote Hunted interview can be seen on youtube.

Other times, they are so unrelatable, they might as well be aliens. Take Harry Potter for an example.

List Chapter or PageHidden (House of Night 10) read online free by P. C. Cast

The bulls often take a price, or a debt, from those who ask them for favors. In return, he drinks from her. The last few books have been complete drags with nothing happening that is beneficial for the ending as I see it. She makes me want to change my life and is such an inspiration. Do you want the whole world to end up in her hands?

House of Night

Hey, maybe it'll be a love square, if you throw Erebus in the mix. Cast and her daughter Kristin Cast. Except Erik, they wanted to get rid of him quickly to make room for Zoey's new love interest, Stark, so they randomly decided to make him a possessive, psycho boyfriend. She is so shallow, she has no insight of her own, she is evil only for the sake of being evil.

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Neferet was just to predictable. Check out the full review on my blog for more details. Raping a man, apparently, is okay, but free will?

One thing that shines in this installment is the writing. This was one long-ass review, and it feels terrific to get it off my shoulders. Mostly I wanted to forget about the stupid Seer Stone around my neck and focus on something that made more sense-like hateful red fledglings and homework. The way she accepted Aurox when no one else would had me crying.

What continues to bug me is the need to spell everything out. Zoey is the only fledgling to receive a filled-in mark and tattoos.