Night on the Galactic Railroad

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The bed is simply incredible. In short, a very undeveloped single-idea movie that may have worked only as a short. When the riveting Onizami joins in and changes the rules of the game by breaking bones with uncompromising brutality, Ichi explodes into a perverse, sado-maso killing machine.

Tom is born to a sick mother after an artificial insemination accident involving an insect. As the dentist manhandles her mouth, she gives in to erotic fantasies then goes under the nitrous oxide. Blood Orgy of the Leather Girls. Hopefully, there will be more of these releases. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The.

Alma goes along at first but then resists and learns her own self. Very disturbing and depressing mostly due to the sympathetic character and familiar horrors of a bad marriage. Some would try to shoehorn an explanation into this movie that involves his state of mind and possibly symbolic, unreal characters. These various parties fight it out amongst themselves, some turning out to be more than human. My own impression is that this is an ultimate study of existentialism and being.

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There are many strange visions that include a skull eclipsing the moon, stoning of a woman with flowers, a Djinn haunting a man in his sleep in the form of a mosquito, and more. Countess of Baton Rouge, The.