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Hook up amp without rca jacks, video of the Day

Refer to the installation and removal instructions for the head unit for specific guidelines needed to slide the unit out from the mounting chassis. Run all of the cables below the carpeting to where your amp is located. Disconnect the antenna cable and main wiring harness from the rear of the head unit.

How do you hook up an amp without outputs? How can I hook up an amp and a sub to a stock stereo with no rca jacks without buying a new head unit? How do you hook up an amp? How do you hook up a amp in a car?

You can connect the ground wire to any secure metal piece on the frame of the car that does not have paint on it. Run the positive wire back towards the cabin of the car, avoiding sources of heat and areas that are likely to be splashed by water when driving in inclement weather. Typically, power cables run from the battery, through the vehicle's firewall, underneath the left or right side interior rocker trim molding and carpet.

You will need what is called an L.

How do you hook up an amp without rca jacks

Reinstall the head unit into the mounting chassis and replace the trim bezel. Place the head unit in a safe area. Once you've double-checked these things, you're ready to start.

If there is no grounding point available for the negative cable, you can create your own by drilling a hole in the floor, but be absolutely certain of what is on the other side. Before you begin the installation process, it's imperative that you make sure the amp you've chosen is capable of accepting speaker or line-level connections. Connect the speakers to the speaker wires using electrical tape or wire nuts.

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No one wants a fuse in the cabin of his car. This is called the remote wire. Any Mom and Pop Stereo Shop should be familiar with this item, and should have some in stock, they are very commonly used in your situation, and are not new to the industry.

Disconnect the negative terminal of your car's battery for safety purposes. Run the remaining cable through the fire wall, using a rubber grommet if it seems likely the insulated wiring may encounter sharp metal. Open the amp wiring kit, which contains all the wiring you'll need to hook-up your amp. What you need is a line level converter.

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Tip If the red cable already has a fuse on it, make sure the fuse stays in the engine compartment. You will need the standard amp install kit after that. Warning Do not place your amp in a position that would require it to be covered by carpeting, as this is an extreme fire hazard. Replace the interior trim pieces. You will need to connect the lengthy, red wire to the positive terminal of the battery.

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Hook up both the positive and negative cables to the amp and find a grounding point within range of the negative cable. Preparation Turn off the vehicle and open the hood. It needs to connect to low amperage power source that turns on with the radio, ie, free singles dating sites in nigeria newspapers with the ignition. Otherwise you may hear static interference through your speakers. Run speaker wire from the speaker outputs on the amp to each speaker or subwoofer you wish to be powered by the amp.