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And then he is off to America, not for a career, not for studies but to win his girl's heart and marry her. She is homely and gives her best on screen. The Background score is good in patches and compliments the brilliant cinematography by Rathnavelu. The variety of emotions he has portrayed is very good and a strong mention has to be made about his good looks and charm.

Harris Jayaraj has rendered a beautiful set of songs with this film. One can understand the director's angst at losing a parent, and trying to make a film about the loss, but then the man's father enigma never takes center stage throughout the film. She gets acquainted with him again and they become thick pals. She reveals her plans to study in America and her preparations to leave in a week's time. While waiting for his friend to arrive, Karthi sees the terribly tensed Tamannah with her uncle, who mistake Karthi to be a cab driver and ask him to drop them at Chennai.

He has ensured that the film is no tear-jerker and the scenes drive the story. The Paiyaa movie starts off in Bangalore, with Karthi Shiva who lives with his friends who try to get him a job desperately.

It is about this time that the director has made maximum usage of his good looks and the famous six-pack ab. An unfortunate incident happens and Megna dies. When the lives of the innocent Sivakumar and rowdy Ravi get inevitably intertwined with one another's, due to the death of the former's brother, that is where the real story begins. Be it among his friends, celebrating the death of an elder in the locality, boasting himself or surrendering meekly to his opponent in a gang war, he is immpresive. His parents even want him to go away somewhere to find himself and come back as the person that he really is.

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Shahrukh Khan Hit Video Songs. The travails of a youth who falls in love with every girl he comes across and the rejections he faces have been narrated in a lighter vein.

After the interesting introduction, the determined Surya goes to her house to see her. Nanditha is bubbly and energetic. The antiques he indulges in once he sees Megna Sameera Reddy on a night train and his train of thought that goes on in his mind to woo her, gets across to the audience very well. He looks unbelievably like a person in his early twenties in some sequences that require him to be so. Vikrant's cameo as Sethu in the film is a comeback for the actor.

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The car is their home as long as the journey happens. The news is conveyed to his son, Major Surya Surya who is part of a rescue mission. Then the military bug bites him and he joins the armed forces.

Easy to access the hit Pop Hindi Album Video songs in a single app. Malayalam Old Melody Songs. However, it is not love story that forms the main thread of this film.

Dinakaran is the highlight of the movie. Pandiya Nadu movie story is about how comman man turn into action hero and takes revange for his brother. Please report to YouTube or email us if any movie we linked is unauthorized or violating copyrights.

He is right there all through the film giving a neat performance. On Tamannah's request, Karthi sets off to Mumbai, and with a fight scene on their way, Karthi reveals his connection with Mumbai. Does time wither away the association they had had?

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They do meet in America and the interesting character that he is wins Megna's heart. When they pause for refueling, Tamannah asks Karthi to buzz off leaving her uncle behind. Something very few actors can really do.

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He plays the close buddy to Vishal and the scenes where they work hand in hand to impress Lakshmi is yet another entertaining sequence with lighthearted comedy. The different angles of the camera capture the thrashing stunts, and Anthony's sharp cuts stimulate the fight sequence for that wild action.