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Halle berry and trey songz dating, six Degrees » Eddie Murphy and Trey Songz

Women are, I think, starting to find a new voice.

Hopefully this one is everlasting for her though. Malia aspires to have a career in film production and is attending Harvard University.

Halle Berry's relationship status has been a point of interest for many people. Halle Berry Who is the dude that was able to land Halle? After the brief comical moment about Trey, Halle turned her attention to more serious topics. According to Halle, acryl platen online dating Malia attacked her P.

Wishing the two lovebirds well. Or would you have chosen a different route?

Six Degrees of Separation

The singer-songwriter is still performing and has taken on another exciting role in his life- he became a grandfather this year. That led to her living in a homeless shelter in New York, all alone, and she stopped speaking to her Moms for a year.

Nonetheless, the two of them are clearly happy especially if their willing to put their relationship out in the public eye. Look at who her mother and her father are, so duh!

Trey Songz in Recent Connections

It was a cool thing to see though. Diddy, Eminem, and many more. Did you know that Christopher Williams is a dad?

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The most notable being Trey Songz. It may surprise many, but he was also once in a relationship with actress, Stacey Dash. However Malia was trying extremely hard to be viewed as just a regular P.

Yeah I was such a huge fan of her. According to reports from E!

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Obama and Michelle Obama are the most down to earth husband and wife duo to ever grace the White House. So today it seems that they were finally ready to finally let their guard completely down and come out.