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Route to restaurants, gas stations, lodging, attractions and more. If you go off-route somewhere, you are in trouble. This is a shame as I really like the unit I purchased. The free maps you get from your car-rental company usually don't have enough detail.

Can easily happen in France, too. One has to ensure the maps are up to date. Worth every penny as far as I'm concerned. Apps, Maps, and Trip Tips.

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Many new devices come with the option to purchase unlimited map updates for the world, but those devices are more expensive. Problems with multiple St Pierres solved! It's invaluable for getting the big picture, understanding alternate routes, and filling in when my phone runs out of juice. We have an older Tom Tom and when we travel we download maps via the internet onto it. Someone in this thread suggested google maps.

Recommendation for GPS with Europe maps - Fodor s Travel Talk Forums

National Parks All-Inclusive Beach. We could not have done without it through France and Spain although it is still a good idea to have paper maps. Have you checked our article on How to Use Offline Maps se? Download your map before you head out it's smart to select a large region. But what about when we're overseas, where a phone connection might not be all that cheap, or fast?

Fodor's may use your email address to send you relevant information on site updates, account changes, and offers. Your daily dose of travel inspiration. Further more, the offline cached maps are not without their problems. Hi D, I'm very happy with my TomTom.

We used it occasionally for walking around towns and found it somewhat irritating, usually went back to the maps. That happen in Spain France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Then turn off your cellular connection so you're not charged for data roaming.

Find More Posts by sparkchaser. Users largely prefer one brand over the other based on familiarity, so the users of each claim their own device as the best. If possible, figure out your arrival route before you enter the city limits.

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You can then import into TomTom. Get one with bluetooth so you can use your phone hands free.


It works perferctly and its not bootleg. Call up the map, enter your destination, and you're on your way. Michelin offers good individual regional maps and road atlases for each country with good city maps and detailed indexes. My husband and I are both convinced it saved us hours of time and frustration. Find More Posts by bilboburgler.

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Unfortunately Google offline maps seems to force you to specify a trip from A to B instead of downloading a whole country or continent. It will come down to a mater of taste on cost, size and menu layout. Google Maps now allow you to download in advance the maps you'll need for a trip, so you can do it when you have a wifi connection for example, in your hotel.

Recommendation for GPS with Europe maps - Fodor s Travel Talk Forums

Contains traffic data for compatible devices that use traffic receivers. Smart Navigation Your trip will go more smoothly if you familiarize yourself with the quirks of navigating in Europe. It gives step by step directions on how to download by city or region. Send a private message to travelgourmet.

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Better maps and atlases are sold at European gas stations, bookshops, newsstands, and tourist shops. My experience is that for the limited time I have to visit Europe, patriotic music mp3 I don't want to spend it getting lost in a car. Your trip will go more smoothly if you familiarize yourself with the quirks of navigating in Europe. Find More Posts by halfapair.

Gps With Europe Maps Preloaded


Send a private message to ira. You can get one from Aamzon with Europe maps no problem. Not on rental enterprises.

Dead cheap and easy to use. Let us know if you have any further questions! Phone-based map apps have taken much of the pain out of finding our way on road trips. Are you tight on cash and you find the thought of getting lost and finding new adventures appealing?