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Let one of us have a chance! She's swiping absently, and gives a hard left to a woman that doesn't catch her eye. Santana asks Sam about his relationship about Quinn.

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Brittany-Kurt Relationship. Afterwards Santana joins Quinn as she confronts Finn about talking with Rachel and watches her from the side. Santana hints that she and Quinn are not that close anymore, considering they don't speak anymore even though Quinn lives an hour away. Santana, knowing Kitty did it, due to her psychic Mexican third eye.

Charlotte nodded plastering on a smile she had no idea who this guy is but she needed him for her sister's evil plan. She hollowed out her cheeks and slowly slid back up the length, releasing it with a loud pop. They discuss where their friendship lies and the fact they are flawless. The blonde stopped and turned glaring. They mock each other until the mocking goes too far, leading up to the two slapping each other, right before Brittany walks in and stops them.

For the next week Quinn spent every minute ignoring anything Santana had to offer. Marley-Ryder Relationship. Will-Shannon Relationship. While feuding with Rachel, Santana mentions that after being in New York, she thought that her only girl friend was Rachel, and comparing her to Quinn and Brittany.

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Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Mercedes-Artie Relationship. They surprise Rachel and then went straight to business. Quinn-Mercedes Relationship. Kurt-Chandler Relationship.

Glee Klaine Quinntana and Finchel hook up in I Do

Is Glee going there with Quinn and Santana - AfterEllen
Is Glee going there with Quinn and Santana

Rachel-Blaine Relationship. Cooper-Blaine Relationship. You, Ale, baraboo dating and I did it all the time and we were never dating. Rachel growled watching this guy ask her girlfriend out.

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GLEE When did Santana & Quinn hook up

Tina in the Sky with Diamonds Santana was referring to Quinn when she told Rachel about being with college girls who wanted to experiment. When Will asked what happened to New Directions being a family, Santana insults Quinn saying that she already has a family. Quinn-Brittany Relationship. Santana buried her face into the girl's neck feeling her release coming. Santana-Kurt-Rachel Relationship.

  • Santana puts her necklace around Quinn's neck and they laugh together when Sue is about to throw the bouquet.
  • Shane-Mercedes Relationship.
  • But Brittany had always known Quinn had a slight crush on Santana and considering she and Santana broke up for a reason, if this was her exes way of moving on then there was nothing she could do.
  • Nationals They have a special moment together before performing at Nationals and speak about how they started together and that they will end this together, Santana holds her hand.

Quinn tells Santana that she doesn't feel right winning this title. Kitty-Marley Relationship. Cassandra-Brody Relationship. We'll just see if that happens.

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Shannon-Puck Relationship. She knew that as beautiful as the sun was, if you stared at it for too long it could hurt you. Rachel-Cassandra Relationship.

Santana-Finn Relationship. Quinn-Santana Relationship. Tina-Brittany Relationship.

She explains to Sam that he knows Quinn kissed Finn but that he was willing to believe her story to stay with her, needs special and that he has an opportunity to show everyone that he is not a pushover. Kurt-Santana Relationship. Brittany-Quinn Relationship.

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After the zombie apocalypse, Santana and Quinn continue to try to move forward. Blaine-Rachel Relationship. Mercedes-Quinn Relationship. Santa na was wearing it too, because everyone was stealing clothing tips from Brittany, which were actually from Rachel. Kurt-Sebastian Relationship.

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That way she wouldn't in anyway get hurt. Quinn and Charlotte went up to her putting each of them putting their arms over her chest kissing her neck to calm her down. Blaine-Cooper Relationship. Quinn also holds back Santana when she's accusing Rachel of their loss. Santana-Brittany Relationship.

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Brittany-Finn Relationship. When Quinn is passing by in the hallway Santana nods to her and Quinn smiles. She also tells Rachel, while she's waiting for Quinn to attend her wedding, to face Quinn's not coming.

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  1. Sam-Mercedes Relationship.
  2. Rachel turned Charlotte around laying them down with her arms wrapped around her waist.
  3. She gripped it, just holding it in her hand as she continued looking at the blonde.
  4. Mercedes-Kurt Relationship.
  5. Mercedes-Puck Relationship.

Mike-Mercedes Relationship. Brody-Rachel Relationship. Quinn responds in anger, totally free dating and then tells Santana to fix her hair up before heading to class.

Quinn and Santana hook up on the regular, but Quinn want's more. The blonde scoffed and shook her head, averting her eyes to her bedroom door. Also I don't think we should hook up anymore.

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Shannon-Cooter Relationship. Cooter-Shannon Relationship. Kurt-Mercedes Relationship.

Glee Season 4 I Do Recap and Videos

Comeback Santana is in the hallway with Quinn, teletoon by Quinn's locker. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. We're ready for the next step. Mercedes-Santana Relationship. Santana finds it difficult to reconcile her view of Quinn when she stumbles upon the truth.

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