Zoe is antagonistic towards Ezreal

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Proven difficult to transfer in and out of Demacia but unquestionably effective once it was out on the battlefield, the Colossus has been used when necessary ever since. Where survivors who fled from the conflict had ventured into the west of Valoran with the hope of establishing safety away from the chaos. He fought fiercely and slew many enemies, but was ultimately overwhelmed. Besides, he reasoned, a secondary force of Demacian soldiers could not possibly arrive in time to face the Noxians. But with progress and wealth came adversaries to the fledgling kingdom, ensuring that Demacia was at constant odds with ambitious conquerors.

The Noxians had razed entire townships and slaughtered hundreds of Demacians, with only a handful of injured survivors left to tell the tale. He cut them down, one by one, until only he and the king remained. Zoe is antagonistic towards Ezreal.

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Along the western coast of Valoran, the human nation of Demacia shines as the continent's paragon of virtue amongst all the other human settlements. Seeking out a means for more advanced protection, the leaders of Demacia enlisted Durand, the greatest artisan of the time, to sculpt a mobile instrument that could be useful in wars set abroad. Though the Demacian warriors could not reach Jarvan, he used the distraction to fight his captors and escape. Garen was furious at himself for failing to be there when Jarvan needed him most. As Jarvan was dragged further from Demacia during his weeks of captivity, he was ashamed that the rashness of his decision to pursue the Noxians had led to needless Demacian deaths.

Deciding to take advantage of the unique power from this environment, these vagabonds set up a permanent residence. But Jarvan was shaken by the faces of the dead, and he could not turn his back on survivors in need.

Lore Demacia is a proud, lawful kingdom with a prestigious military history. He and his men rode for days in the wake of the Noxians.

He was recognized by the king himself for this demonstration of the demacians ideals. Battered and fatigued, Sion continued the fight with the king.

Taric is a former Demacian knight turned Targonian Aspect. The Great City of Demacia.

The Great City of