Knowledge is a powerful tool

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Trust and setting boundaries are two key poitns to consider. If your Dom isn't aware of how to help you safely exit subspace, you could be at considerable risk.

Avoid silk scarves

So long as your Dom lives within these established limits, you two will probably do just fine. And a submissive has the responsibility to know the likes and dislikes of her partner as well.

Avoid silk scarves, as the knots can become extremely difficult to untie, and can lead to permanent nerve damage or possibly strangulation. Punishments, generally, are at the discretion of the Dom. Have a first scene and see about that first kiss. This is the minimum amount of information you should trade with your partner.

Punishments generally are at the

My sub is still undergoing elements of her training, but is doing quite well. The scene negotiation helps you to see if you are compatible or not and what is acceptable or not to both people. Unlike vanilla dating, where getting to know someone happens more organically over time, the kinky world has an unofficial instrument for how to take those next steps from coffee to naked fun. Again, it comes back to trust. Both Dominants and submissives have desires and needs that their scene will fulfill.

Dominants have limits too. Nothing ruins a date more than a trip to the emergency room.