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Dating witherby tools

Look for old chisels at flea

If the photos ever go down, I captured them and can pass them along the details are poor, no prices are discernible but the products are easily viewed. The prices listed in this pamphlet are very similar to those listed in the James Swan Co. The handles are a joy to hold, and the steel is very good. The makers of the famous Witherby edge tools.

Special hardening and tempering processes have been perfected, to give uniformly hardened surfaces, with absence of soft areas. Look for old chisels at flea markets and antique stores. Estate sales, auctions, flea markets, garage sales, and antique stores are likely sources to find used chisels. These are reasons why we are able to stand behind every Witherby Chisel, Gouge and Drawing Knife with the following unqualified guarantee. Or perhaps George Jessup was an apprentice of T.

Witherby or Witherby Tool Co. It is a Mathieson bevelled edge with a lovely fine blade. If so, the temper of the steel may have been comprimised. By now you will know that I have a relationship with old hand tools that permeates my woodwork.

Life in the Village and beyond, based around the interests of my life. Advertisement, Newspaper Tenite Handles. Three years after acquiring the Witherby rights, the new owners decided to discontinue their other products and concentrate on Witherby Chisels.

And all handles pass as rigid inspection as is given the steel blades. In all these years of expert tool-making from down to the present day-dose to a century and a quarter-a vast wealth of knowledge and experience has been accumulated.

Special hardening and tempering processes

Most of the chisels you buy at the hardware store are junk when it comes to serious woodworking. The quotes around the Witherby brand are original. Chisels come in two styles, tang and socket. Not the delicate pairing or bench chisels ones with beveled sides you find in most toolboxes. Interesting information in this envelope.