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His status as a god makes him immortal, but not invincible. However, Megara is grievously injured saving Hercules from a falling pillar, negating Hades's deal that Meg would not be hurt. He is very jealous of the relationship between his master and Meg. Once ascended to the Olympus, he declines a place offered to him among the gods to live with Meg on Earth.

Having him retrieve her the amphora so she can use it to forget about Adonis who she had a blind date with that went badly. Herc agrees, as long as Meg will be safe from any harm. Before they can go, students must order the necessary supplies. When Hercules has reached adulthood and has passed his training, he sets off with Philoctetes to become a hero in Thebes.

Hermes delivers a special package, which Hercules immediately hides from Meg. The class can brainstorm a list of possible headlines which you can copy on the blackboard. For the ten-minute prewriting, students choose one and express their opinions in letters to the editor.

Record the myths that inspired them. Class time can be used to assemble the paper. Family trees can be illustrated with pictures and accompanied by short descriptions of each individual's respective importance in the character's life. This blessing became a curse. Your students can write a myth explaining a natural phenomenon or create a story with a moral lesson.

She appears to wear purple makeup to match the color of her eyes and a Grecian-style dress. She meets Hercules, offering a chance to prove himself as a hero. Should mortals be allowed on Mt.

She meets Hercules offering a chanceShe appears to wear purple makeup

Ask each student to choose one of the headlines and write for five minutes. Paris found this out and shot Achilles in the heel with an arrow. You can choose the activities that are most appropriate for your curriculum. Meg tells him that she accepts that part of his life as an awkward phase, and loves him just the same. It is unclear why they even serve Hades, though they seem to do so out of fear or because he owns their souls.

The book of maps known as an atlas is named after a legendary African king, sometimes thought to be descended from the Atlas of Greek myth. Zeus, the father of the gods, is now accepting applications for a replacement. To prevent Meg from persuading Hercules to deny this, Hades has her bound and gagged with smoke. During the fight, Megara is mortally wounded by a falling column to save Hercules, and Phil is left taking care of the dying Megara while Hercules fights Hades and the Titans.

So he summons the most evil villains in his quest to become more evil. From the drafting phase, they move to shaping, revising and editing all articles. Hades then reveals Meg worked for him all along, causing him to leave Hercules heartbroken. See the sculpture, pottery, jewelry and coins of ancient Greece.