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Useful ware was made beginning in the late s. The earthenware is tin-glazed. Pottery made by Cantagalli is marked just with the cockerel.

Useful ware was made beginning

Potters from Montelupo set up the potteries at Cafaggiolo. Many years ago, after the Second World War, one of the Limoges factories opened a plant, and they were going to produce flatware here. You can see the scene continues on the back.

And this lustrous finish is also a characteristic of Cantagalli, and indeed a characteristic of Italian Renaissance maiolica. In the seventeenth century Savona began to be a prominent place of manufacture.

And everything is done the old-fashioned way. Some of the principal centers of production e.

The earthenware is tinglazed

In your inbox every Wednesday. Deruta and Montelupo still produce maiolica, which is sold worldwide. And at that time, wealthy people, particularly in North America and the United States, were kind of into all things from the Italian Renaissance.