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Dating brown and sharpe micrometers, the Home Machinist!

Brown and Sharpe Micrometer - The Home Machinist!

Additionally, Brown and Sharpe made calipers and micrometers which were essential to products built to fine tolerances. In keeping with the latest management theories, Sharpe also reorganized the company into separate divisions, with each one responsible for its own profit and loss. It also has its adjustment instructions and key, notes on carbon dating and its packing slip.

There were also larger sets with more lengths of anvil to cover a greater range. Either it was deaccessioned by B. It has a black leatherette covered, blue velvet lined case.

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It is graduated on the front for outside measurements and on the back for inside measurements. Perhaps the most interesting detail is the placement of the straight line graduation scale on the micrometer barrel. It is locked by the screw collet It is complete with its spanner for removing the micrometer assembly from the bridge and a robust, slide- top, wooden box. In the aftermath of these changes and expansion, the company outgrew its central plant just west of downtown Providence.

Unlike the old Providence facility, Precision Park was built as one story. The provenance of this micrometer is a bit sketchy, but here are the facts as I know them. Perhaps the Bonnaz example explains Cyrus Carleton's decision to include a friction stop on his prototype micrometer.

This is a mechanical digital micrometer. It should also be noted that the number and letter markings on this prototype match those found on B. It is complete with instructions and case. The upper scale and vernier are for inside measurements and the lower ones for outside.

Between and the company further expanded through the acquisition of related manufacturers, most notably the machine-producing Double A Products Company. It has its original card box. Purchased for use in my workshop and still in use when required. This enabled the efficient horizontal movement of materials preferred in modern manufacturing, an improvement over the vertical circulation system of its former multi-storey plant.

It is the same scale found on most B. At some point, the company lost ownership.

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This placement makes sense if the measurement is to be taken at a distance in from the edge of the item being measured think of a flat piece of steel. The Roaring Twenties brought renewed sales, but then the Great Depression slashed them.

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It was also characterized as one of the most antagonistic in recent memory. It has a leather case lined with black velvet. The upper vernier is used to set the depth at which the width of the gear tooth will be measured by the vernier calliper.

The Home Machinist!

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Many workers decided to move to other companies or work. It has a black leatherette covered, blue velvet lined case in which there is also a one inch circular standard. Here is what I know about this micrometer. Its inner construction follows Joseph R. Much used but well cared for.

For large holes one end is used and for small holes the other. Although the strike legally continued after the tear-gas incident, the picket line largely disbanded. This is an earlier model than the one shown above. This is a special micrometer for measuring soft materials such as paper and rubber - hence the large diameter anvils.

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Steel vernier calliper by Mauser. No expense or work was spared in making this prototype and the materials used and the machining are of the highest order.

These amounts doubled have to be added to inside measurements. This suggests that it was not made for factory use at B. It prompted questions among management about the future of the Rhode Island work force. Although the case has some damage the micrometer itself still has some of its original preservative grease on it suggesting that it has hardly been used. Such an unusual placement of the graduation scale has been seen on only one other B.

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