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Dating an emasculated man how to pull

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He'll probably do it anyway the first time you kiss. Downplaying even his smallest achievements would only make him more distant from you. Talking about his weaknesses in front of others would anger him and make him withdraw from you emotionally. Get all emotional and freaked out about even being near them. And I'm not talking about anal.

Not only will he hang out with them less, but he'll start to be suspicious of their behavior, thus leaving the friendships in question and likely to be eliminated. And that's where I come in. And you want to change them for the better. Ladies, you must be careful here. But, if you're dating a confident, attractive man who has a successful history with women, you'll need to make yourself stand out from the pack.

If you actually prove that you can be cool under pressure, great in bed, spiritual and understanding all at once, odds are that eventually the poor fucker will say that he loves you. If he takes you back and makes an effort to become a new person, then you know you're on the path to complete and total emasculation.

But women, well, y'all are smarter and more emotional than us. This way, the asshole learns the harsh and simple lesson that it is up to you to decide when and for that matter, if you two will be together. Shortly after you explain this, it is your job as a member of the confusing gender to tell him that you want him to change in pretty much every way. If there are flaws about your guy that you need to confront, talk about it in private, and never in front of his friends or your friends.

Get Him to Love You Women, it is impossible to emasculate a male without first getting him emotionally involved with you. Unhappy men feel emasculated. But some of you, for whatever reasons, still haven't learned how to turn your man into a whipped sad sack. Emasculating your man will not happen too quickly. Almost every guy knows there would be other men who have bigger packages.

Women, let's face facts here. But of course, by avoiding saying things that emasculate him further and by giving him the emotional support, you can help him bounce back faster and become a better man all at once.

And most importantly, help your guy feel less emasculated by communicating with him. The way to do this is not to be a typical female. Motivate him without babying him. Get our newsletter for new comedy. Don't do any of this to anyone if you really love them.

This is the mistake women often make. Now that total emasculation has been achieved, it's time to dump the loser. And you care more about your status in a relationship so you have the upper hand when it comes to strategy and timing.

Just listen to him and offer suggestions without forcing it down his throat. As a woman and a lover, one of the things you take upon yourself is to change your man for the better. You may not say anything directly to him. You need to find a way around this.

Help him have a social life with other men or subtly suggest he do something manly by asking him to help you fix something around the house that needs heavy lifting or manual labor. Emasculating a male does not make you a bad person. When a woman loses an ego battle, she feels controlled and restricted. Those Dorito munching, pot smoking, bowling buddies of his will constantly keep trying to get him drunk, take him to strip clubs and other places where he can have a good fucking time. The first thing you do is tell the guy that you need to reevaluate the relationship and ask for space.

And that's where I come in