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Codeigniter updating database records

Read Complete Contact Form Tutorial Here Over To You I hope this codeigniter tutorial for beginners has laid out some strong foundation for absolute newbies to learn from zero. Another nice perk with this series is you will get to know about the popular twitter bootstrap css framework while learning. However these codeigniter pagination links are pretty plain in nature but we can easily spice them up to decent looking using twitter bootstrap styles. Working with multiple databases in codeigniter is simpler and you have to configure the db settings properly and the active records class will take care of the rest.

This codeigniter tutorial will teach you everything about implementing the delete process. By the end of this article you will have the codeigniter development environment up and ready. To implement this delete process in codeigniter you should use its active record delete query which allows deleting one to more records from database table easily.

These step by step tutorials are intended for beginners who want to start learning php codeigniter from scratch. It will you walk through the steps to integrate bootstrap with php codeigniter framework and let you combine the power of two robust frameworks for responsive application development. This codeigniter tutorial will teach you how efficiently you can implement the file uploading functionality and cut down the development time.

In the previous post, I explained you about how to insert data into database using codeigniter and bootstrap. Here we receive employee record fetched from the database and populate the form fields on loading.

At times you may want to connect and work with two different databases in a single application and it is not uncommon for a developer. Additionally it allows users to set the file uploading preferences which lets you take full control of the uploading task. This tutorial shows you a simple example to configure codeigniter mail settings and send email with attachments using smtp protocol.

Using codeigniter update query will let you perform update operation on database. These two methods are used to populate the drop down list in the update form.

But you are encouraged to write down your own style sheets if you prefer. You get clean urls that search engines love. This post teaches you everything about using bootstrap and codeigniter together. It is greatly appreciated for its speedy performance and smaller learning curve and suitable for highly scalable applications.

This tutorial will demonstrates you about

This tutorial will demonstrates you about updating database records in codeigniter. So the first and foremost step in the process of learning codeigniter is to setup the working environment. Later you can customize bootstrap styles to suit your need.

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Moreover you can configure the email preferences like mail protocol, smtp authorization, html or plain text mail etc. CodeIgniter is flexible and allows you to communicate with multiple databases at a time. After the user submits the edited form, on successful form field validation we update the database record using codeigniter update query. This codeigniter tutorial gives you the answers.

These email preferences can be defined either globally or at the time of sending mails like inside controllers. Using bootstrap will save you time from creating custom stylesheets for formatting the displayed data. Here we update the employee records based on employee number field. You will also get a basic idea of working with database, using codeigniter session library and building codeigniter forms using bootstrap css.