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Clery reporting for dating violence, training Resources for Higher Education Professionals

Most of the vehicles stolen were mopeds, Cavanaugh wrote.

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Summary of the Jeanne Clery Act

There is no correct or standard way to handle such a trauma, and reporting is not always the best solution. Along with crime statistics, the report also includes information on crime reporting procedures, emergency notification systems and crime prevention programs.

The security report encompasses reports from police reports, Student Affairs information, campus security authorities and others. The report showed a decrease in liquor and drug law violations on campus as well as robberies and aggravated assault. Proceedings are required to be prompt, fair, and impartial, and must confer certain procedural rights to both the accuser and the accused. These numbers do not represent the actual number of sexual assault incidents that occurred on campus.

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This notification can include the entire campus, or be limited to a specific area deemed to be at risk. Cavanaugh wrote that the administration encourages students to report any unwanted communication that causes fear or distress. Cavanaugh wrote that one case resulted in criminal charges, whereas the other was handled by the Office of Student Conduct. Prevention Education Institutions are required to provide to students and employees, on an introductory and ongoing basis, prevention and awareness programs on the crimes covered above. Although the reports may involve students, incidents involving university employees, Duke Health patients and campus visitors are also included.

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The Clery Act mandates that universities and colleges participating in federal financial aid programs must disclose crime statistics and other security information. The Clery Act records incidents by the year in which they are reported, rather than the year in which they occur. The Violence Against Women Act of amended the Clery Act to require specific statistics about dating violence, domestic abuse, tv sim colatina online dating and stalking.

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The majority of incidents took place on campus but were not reported in residential facilities. It details student rights and options in the event of an incident report alongside post-incident programs and resources. Student and Employee Rights Institutions must provide victims of the crimes covered above with a written explanation of their rights. Violent crimes on campus are rare, as theft remain the most commonly reported crime at Duke. Another said that her interaction with a thesis advisor undermined her mental health and made her consider dropping out of the program.

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Training Resources for Higher Education Professionals

Other Violence Against Women Act offenses increased from to as well. However, he remained optimistic about the safety of the University. He also noted that Duke continues to take steps to improve campus safety.