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The less you had to do for yourself because of having enough servants meant that your husband was more successful than others. During the war, these women would be wives of planters, wives of men in the Confederate government, wives of the top men in the Confederate Army, and wives of opportunists making money off the war. It was at this point that I started to straggle.

Fortunately for us, the battle seemed to be ending as the last parting shots rent the late morning air. Pressed by Union infantry on their front and flank, one brave Confederate finally admitted defeat and took a hit. Your father, brother or husband would basically be your lord and master no matter how old your or how intelligent your in your own right. Women of wealthy positions were expected to be more charitable, although the classes did not mix as much. For more information on local Civil War reenacting.

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In my opinion based on what I have read from the time, these were the most common women in America at the beginning of the Civil War. As the first echelons of the company arrived, the Confederate cavalry made their appearance, fired their pistols in the air a few times, and just as quickly fled down the road. Most reenactors who give a damn about their reputation outside the battlefield are mighty hesitant to reveal their historical alter-egos. Judged tacticals like Hastings were very cool and the judges would determine casualties, etc.

When done well, reenactors can transform an open meadow into Gettysburg or convert the lands around Drayton Hall into the Siege of Charleston. As reenactors, we always aimed to replicate scenes like the one above showing a group of saucy Army of the Cumberland veterans posing prior to Sherman's Atlanta campaign.

In the North, the wealth was not so concentrated on such a small group of people but spread out more evenly, although there were pockets of extreme while in the Northeast. It's what the guy in the costume and gun was talking about.

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That was just three years after he started reenacting in seventh grade. These women were very likely to be the ones who volunteered in various relief and aid societies that sprung up throughout the Union and Confederacy during the war. Several well directed volleys were fired at this new threat before the Confederate infantry slowly pulled back, apparently needed on another portion of the field.

Social hierarchy was extremely important to these women. If not, it may not be completely accurate for you to portray a nurse. But with his quiet admission, exposing the fact that he dabbled in both Civil War and Rev War reenacting, I knew I'd just been let in on a huge secret.

The Googles At the senior class barbecue at the College of Charleston, I finally met a guy I'd had a crush on for over a year. We had the Confederates cornered once- they took one casualty. We were a very active group for a number of years, taking part in many living history events, talks, parades, and reenactments each year. Okay, I can't back that up. Women of the highest class would have had the best of everything available at the time.

As soon as he asked me out, I sidestepped Magnum P. Our casualties to this point were minimal, actually nonexistent. Soon there after, First Sergeant Minton rousted us from our ease and we rejoined the company. The American Civil War fascinates the world.