Rogue Nation for the pair

Chris martin dating annabelle wallis

Annabelle got a coveted invite to the Met Ball and attended during Chanel's recent airline themed fashion show. The actress hasn't spoken about the relationship which is believed to have begun in August.

Rogue Nation for the pair. Annabelle also has a role in another historical drama Guy Ritchie's new King Arthur film. WireImage The Brit star has most recently been working in Vancouver, Canada, filming for new movie Come and Find Me and Chris has reportedly joined her and the cast for dinner twice. He is now seeing British actress Annabelle Wallis after the end of his on-off relationship with Jennifer Lawrence.

Impossible film in private. Chris reportedly joined her and the cast for dinner twice. The pair parted ways for good after their romance fizzled out reportedly because they couldn't find time for each other. She is close to her cousins Jared, James and Damien who are all actors or directors.

Chris reportedly joined her

Her previous boyfriend was male model James Rousseau. At the weekend the Coldplay frontman was seen with year-old Annabelle in Paris. Meanwhile Christopher Kane cites her as his muse. Literally dancing through the city of love the two laughed and smooched in the street.

Impossible film in private

With her bohemian style and ethereal looks, she is a favourite in fashion circles. The pair haven't spoken out about their relationship but have been seen several times in seriously romantic clinches. On their romantic break the couple were kissing passionately and twirling round the street in a lighthearted Strictly style dance.

The only clue she's given as to her interest in Chris is retweeting a Rolling Stone article about him curating the Global Citizen festival in New York. Her father and her great-uncle Richard Harris were actors. View gallery It's thought to be the first relationship the Coldplay frontman has been in since splitting with Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence. Chris is currently enjoying a break from live shows with his band, but they are set to return to the stage in September in Las Vegas.