Most cheeses in shops are imports

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Knowledge of artisan cheese is limited to those who have returned from a visit abroad or a long stay. Lets see what the future holds.

The food styling in the photo above was done by me. Mukund is at the forefront of the artisan cheese movement in India. The stumbling block is finding a producer for this because, as I said earlier, artisan cheese is not something well known. He tapped into his connections to import used machinery from Italy and traveled there to learn more about the art. The first is a pressed cheese that is eaten the same day you make it, while the second is pressed and then aged.

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Aarthi Gunnupuri hide caption toggle caption A wheel of hard, aged cheese. Father Michael, who spent several years in Italy as a liturgical scholar, speaks fluent Italian. But we realize not everyone has the time or money to travel to Colorado to take a class with us in person. Cheese is still in the beginning stages there, but interest in it is growing rapidly. This beginner level class focuses on three easy cheeses that require minimal equipment and easy-to-find ingredients.

Making fresh cheese in India that tastes authentic is not easy, and Father Michael has had his fair share of hurdles. Most cheese, however, is imported and expensive, as well as adding to the cost of international cuisine at local restaurants.

Originally from the Philippines, Trinidad has lived and traveled to several countries, including the United States. Presently, the monastery produces about pounds of cheese per day. As Western lifestyle and cuisine gain popularity in India, there is a growing legion of cheese lovers. This free intro course is great for all beginners to kick off your home cheese making journey.

The high point of cheese making is definitely not in the money it brings you. As an early Vallombrosian monk in India, it fell upon Father Michael to find viable, income-generating work options. All my fresh cheese is for personal use to eat as is or in my baking experiments. So, also, the whole wheat bread which I bake at home. Vallombrosa cheese may be the answer to the prayers of many cheese-loving Indians, expats and chefs seeking fresh, local products, but not everyone's a fan.