She should now be your girlfriend

Cheats dating sim girls

The objective is get your

You should be winning Grade A by now. To do this, visit Tomoko's house and the play the panties game with her. Get Free Relationship Points This glitch can vastly improve your relationship points, boosting you by each time you use it.

If you are impatient, there are plenty of cheats available to speed up your progress. With some practice you can get this correct every time, and have limitless money for no endurance. You can get free coffee and medicine by doing the Tutorial fight at the Fight Club as many times as desired. Relationship points will allow you to take the girls on more adventurous dates and allow you to become more amorous with her and eventually sleep with her.

He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in economics and politics from the University of Kent. Infinite Cash and Relationship Points Cash in the Sim Girls world allows you to take the girls on expensive dates and buy them more precious gifts.

The better the date and the gift, the more relationship points you gain with the girl. You also will have full relationship statistics with all of the girls in the game.

Then just start shooting to win

She should now be your girlfriend. Then, go back to her house and she will be gagging for it.

All cheat codes for this game can be entered multiple times by going back to the cheat option the code last entered would be present in order to make multiple entries quicker. Defeat them, and you will gain the relationship points.

If desired, before this you can use the same trick to get the other girl out on a date and also make her your girlfriend. This will enter you into a fight with two of your love rivals. Phone her a few times first to make sure she is not with the other person. The story revolves around the main characters in the game-by reading this story, individuals wishing to play the sim game can find the game cheats within the context of the story.

The objective is get your relationship status with one girl to the maximum by the end of the allotted time. Then just start shooting to win. Intended to be more of a romantic sim dating game, it is suitable for a wide age range.

This state is important for doing activities i. Keep one ring in hand to give to her now. It also will give you extra personality points in your relationships with Tomoko and Kotomi, advancing your progress with them in the game.

You will need lots of coffee and hankies. Watch the Game Ending If you manage to complete the game, you have successfully built a strong relationship with one of the girls. Submitted by Dan Kotomi Takanashi's information.