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It should be notedCan an issuer

Can an issuer satisfy General Instruction I. It should be noted, however, that absent compliance with Staff Legal Bulletin No.

May a foreign issuer use a U. The reference to materiality applies to defaults on indebtedness and on long-term lease rentals. Yes, if the company makes a determination that there is no default as a legal matter. Registrants should refer to Rule of Regulation S-T. Because we believe that this offering structure evades the offering size limitations of Instruction I.

Many relevant charts are also included in the manual relating to reliability, constructs, and other areas. Yes, so long as the sponsoring company, as issuer of the securities, meets all of the requirements for use of the form, including those set forth in General Instruction I. The securities were convertible into common stock using a conversion ratio based on the company's common stock trading price at the time of conversion. The issuer was not eligible to rely on General Instruction I. The shareholders of both companies are voting on the transaction.

The concept of rolling measurement dates is limited to different takedowns, not individual sales within a takedown. We may not sell these securities until the registration statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission is effective. An issuer committed a material default on indebtedness but the holders of the securities subsequently waived the default.

No, the issuer could not rely on General Instruction I. In order to use General Instruction I. In making this computation, it is not necessary to calculate the number of shares held by non-affiliates for the same day on which the average price of the stock is determined. If an issuer meets the float test in General Instruction I.