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The pitch changes with airbrake and flap retraction are quite marked, but easily managed if you're prepared for them. The second, however, is the more important, since the iPad provides a Technicolor map six times larger than the Lowrance's black and white one, but no autopilot output at least that I know of. The handle operates a cable loop that goes to a valve. Hydraulics are inherently baffling, at least to me, but I think this must mean that there is a leak in either the master or the slave cylinder for the inboard end of the left flap.

The freeway was conveniently empty, the airport dim and silent. He suggested that I lean the mixture while taxiing, something that I know is desirable but have lazily neglected to do.

The Tygon hose with which parts of the static system are plumbed makes a less tight fit with it than with the barbed nylon connectors used elsewhere. The problem with the alternator turned out to be the alternator. It's evident, anyway, that there's a good deal of heat to be gotten rid of.

Today, however, I did overhaul a leaking brake cylinder, apparently successfully. But okay, I make some beauties.

Different altitudes produce scatter, but on the whole the points line up fairly well. After some number of hours of use, this coupling wears out. For a go-around, for instance, that would be desirable.

This was the case with mine. My mental scheme is like a rapidly oscillating object that at first appears blurred, but, as it slows, acquires sharper outlines and at last halts in place. Obviously, the last is too small, so forget about it.

He suggested that I lean the

There are, for practical purposes, only two flap settings, takeoff and landing. Unfortunately, it is soldered to the circuit board, and so there is no practical way to replace it. And start carts probably don't have reverse polarity protection.

Projects like this always involve making a few parts several times. Graphite is so stiff, it's a pain on small radii like these. He suggested that every hours would be a better interval. While I was at it, I changed the oil. On returning, and after due delay for getting my affairs in order, I took the nosegear retraction apparatus out in order to fix a leaking hydraulic cylinder.

The gear works the same way. But it says that all values appear normal. Fortunately, my manifold pressure gauge has two needles, one of which tracks ambient pressure and provides, for anyone who can subtract, a crude but reliable backup altimeter.