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Bruce Springsteen, the other artist I lingered over in those S bins in the s, has embraced this reality. Labels take those percentages so seriously they have entire divisions devoted to back catalog. The gold record he earned with Bullet simply gave him a sorely needed combination of confidence, clout and cash.

The Record In the era of streaming music, everything ever recorded is supposed to be at our fingertips. He's stayed in Michigan, and has left all the business decisions to Punch, possibly because a more mercenary manager might have talked him out of more than one of those choices. Several classic rockers have had remarkably steady numbers, even as digital distribution upended the rest of the music business in the new millennium.

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The benefits to Seger as an artist, I will argue, are incalculable. If they're not, they'll drift off into the great digital void we're standing on the precipice of. But all the ingredients that made the albums after Live Bullet sell millions were present from the beginning. But I fear they won't fare so well as the industry format shifts yet again to a streaming model.

They've got to convince him to tour the coasts more often if he really wants to break nationally. This is bothersome, but correctable, I imagine.

We've moved to an age of algorithms, in which huge amounts of data about artists, songs and the people who play them determine what new listeners are exposed to. Who should be smirking this time round?

These are admirable qualities in a superstar! But what might have come off as cynical careerism in another artist just felt like a true fan's promiscuousness with Seger. Also, sometimes the music will fit the tempo of a scene very well, but the lyrics don't make sense in context. But with Seger, all you hear is crickets. He may become like Bing Crosby, with all those old albums once again available, but only the nostalgic bothering to play them.

They seem to be missing from the world. And those choices have left us with fewer of those songs than there used to be. It is a delicate balance to be true to the existing fans, while creating releases that reach new fans who are consuming and discovering music through new platforms.

So how did one of the biggest names in the Classic Rock canon go missing? Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. Bob has always been an album artist and that format has served him very well.

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At the same time, physical retailers have been reducing the footprint of music in their stores to such a degree where deeper, back catalog titles have a tougher time reaching an audience. Fast forward to this decade. And all those sales of Face The Promise were physical albums.

Now, one can barely get halfway to gold. He was no longer just a local hero. Bob Seger's old albums are not only missing from my shelves. But I knew there were others.

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They're not simply looking to squeeze the maximum revenue out of his catalog, they want to honor it, and they recognize that such uses can be an important discovery mechanism for new fans. Both now sound like templates for multiple mega-hits Seger would have later that decade. He's not making it possible for anyone who hasn't already purchased that new record to ever hear it. Since Seger's material is barely counted in that data today, he might be writing himself out of the canon.

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Free Turn The Page Bob Seger Download Songs Mp3Turn the page - Free Music Download

He's returned to having a core base of rabid supporters, but once again there are millions more he could be reaching but isn't. Simply stated, this is a bizarre state of affairs.

Seger's records survived the initial narrowing of the Classic Rock canon. Can an artist will the culture to forget work he no longer considers worth remembering? In other words, if Punch is right that that Bob Seger is an album artist, he's wrong that iTunes represented the biggest existential threat to Seger's artistic expression.

Ten years ago, it was still a safe bet that a new Bob Seger record would go platinum. This entire article can maybe be read as my third attempt, though I'm no longer in a position to benefit professionally from such a development. In the name of preserving his client's vision as an album artist, compilations have become the default option in both environments, causing the old albums to fade in favor of individual songs.

But that percentage has flipped in the years since. As a budding, year-old music obsessive, every record in the canon triggered a cascading need for several more. Face The Promise came out that September and was certified platinum before the year was out, as all but one of his albums since had managed.

Bob Seger was basic, when basicness was a good thing the world lacked. Now let's see how Seger's totals compare. But proved poor timing to make a big deal about finally coming to iTunes. It feels like a pattern might be repeating.

He'd inhaled rock and roll's history with an acolyte's belief in its redemptive power and a gifted composer's ability to intuit the specific elements that made certain songs work. It's a great division of labor and we don't get into each other's areas. Despite Marsh's quibbling about production, Bullet gained Seger the national audience all those writers had been sure he deserved. Seger might simply be too humble to consider the kind of catalog curation someone like Bruce Springsteen's been overseeing with his early work as a necessary endeavor. And how does letting so many of the original albums fall out of print square with maintaining the integrity of his catalog?

Broadcast radio spins provide another gauge of how Seger's presence might have waxed or waned over time. The benefits to me as a fan are hopefully obvious.

By that point, even Bob Seger fans had stopped buying records the way they used to. Punch is aware of the new reality, though to hear him tell it, f 22 flight simulator retailers are the ones to blame for the unavailability of Seger's back catalog. Is Seger doing better or worse in than he should be?