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Gregorios church, Mathikere St. George Church, Indiranagar St. Kempegowda met him and sought his blessings. Stained glass windows and multiple columns with a rich Corinthian capital support the stately arches of the Church. The entrance of the dargah holds an inscription in Tamil language.

The temple constructed in has undergone many renovations and even now is under renovation. It has been renovated recently with marble floors. The church is dedicated to St.

This tree has grown with the Society and is venerated. The stained glass windows in the Church depict Lord Jesus and his eight apostles.

Over the years, the church of St. People seated anywhere in the interior of the church feel that the altar is facing them. The temple is built in white marble with colourful shades. It is situated on Millers Road in the city inside an Eidgah ground. At the same time, he was involved in philanthropy and charitable work.

Gurunanak not only blessed Kempegowda but also told him to develop the place. Paul's has the distinction of being the very first Tamil Anglican Church in the erstwhile Mysore State.

The temple wears a colourful look as special prayers are offered and more than a thousand people from all religions come here to worship. Mary's Valiyapalli, Jalahalli St. It is believed to have been built for the ladies of the royal family.

This tree has grown with the

It has a beautiful arched entrance flanked by twin columns. The church is the fourth oldest Protestant church in the city, with a distinct red edifice and towering steeple, rising out of the leafy surroundings.

The double storeyed vernada on the mosque exteriors was used by merchants. Special prayers are offered every Sunday. The remarkable feature about the dargah is that it has two tombs along with a dome. Lourduswamy, the then Archbishop of Bangalore.

Mark's Cathedral, Bangalore St. On this day Muslims sacrifice a goat or Bakr Urdu to commemorate the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim, who willingly agreed to kill his son at the behest of God. Hundreds of petromax lamps, bangles, jyotish, nan khatai, circus, etc. Masjid-e-Khadriya is made using Islamic architecture with geometric patterns and surrounded by gardens with fountains. Dzogchen Mahasandhi-yoga is its uniqueness.

One can see pointed arches and onion shaped domes with a grand arch in the opening gate of this masjid. Paul's Church, Bangalore St. In this form of Buddhism rational study, mystical practices and non-conceptual meditation are equally emphasized. There is capacity of musallis on the first floor also.