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If you were born with a penis, they have no problem banning you at the drop of hat. All without ever getting banned, or even warned, by any of them. Including guys who should know better. You more enterprising folks could easily set up macros to do this. Have for years, italva online dating and it works very well.

Stop yourself before you say something mean, even if you have a good reason. However, if you want to never worry about getting banned, just keep the sexual stuff for the first dates, and not on the profile.

If you want to get sexual in your profile, then use language that subtly implies it rather than saying it straight out. All you do is customize each opener in a very quick way. My model is to not get overtly sexual in my profile at all.

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Meet Singles From Banning

Message me and we can talk. As most of you already know, I do copy-and-paste canned openers. Emotional control is still a huge issue for way too many of you. Don't wait for miracle, just for me!

From now on, when you send openers, note the time when you do it. Guys still blow this one all the time. This one should be obvious but a lot of guys still blow this one, often on purpose.

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