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While it's not that strange for couples to get matching, or even joint commemorative ink, they don't usually get it on the inside of their lower lips. Alcohol has been a problem in both of Margera's marriages Getty Images Bam Margera's big-time boozing has never been a secret. Here are some seriously strange things about Bam Margera's marriages. Not that a strip search is ever a particularly pleasant thing to endure, but Rothstein said this one was compounded by the fact that the female agent allegedly didn't wear gloves during it.

Getting a piece in the Middle East Getty Images In the same Stern interview where they talked about the Playboy shoot, Margera and Rothstein also got candid about their honeymoon in Dubai. According to the exhaustive internet archive of Stern episodes known as MarksFriggin. We think we just found the beginning of your next epic love story right here.

Strange things about Bam Margera's marriages Getty Images Carmen Ribecca Though Jackass star Bam Margera is happily married and raising a son, his romantic history hasn't always been so blissful. Margera spoke of his proclivity for partying and unconventional approach to romance. Several months before welcoming his bundle of joy, Margera spoke with People about how the boy's name was chosen.

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Margera also said that they have a habit of videotaping their bedroom bliss, although they rarely watch the videos and keep them locked in a safe. However, things got back on track for the amorous couple, who consummated their marriage on the roof of their hotel when Margera seduced Rothstein while she was up there sunbathing. Along the way, Margera got up to his usual hijinks of creating absolute chaos for everyone around him, including his wife whose wedding dress he destroyed with paintballs. They weren't nearly done sharing there.

Granted, questioning celebs about their most intimate moments is basically Stern's entire business model, but Margera and Rothstein couldn't have been more happy to oblige. It's the thought that counts. It was way weirder than that.

It would take another two years for their divorce to be finalized, and, by that time, Rothstein seemed like she was done with Margera's antics. For starters, they admitted to regularly getting it on while driving in Margera's Hummer. Anyway, the actual wedding was exactly the kind of manic party you'd expect from any of the Jackass crew, most of whom happened to be in attendance. Things started off on a bad note when Rothstein had a terrible experience with a strip search by a customs agent at the airport.

Here's hoping Margera can get the help he needs and get back to being the strange yet wildly entertaining daredevil we've come to adore. The next day, Margera committed to going to rehab. Margera even managed to get punk rocker Iggy Pop to show up and perform at the reception, just to really send home the message that this was a counterculture spectacle to behold.