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Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC Game 2010 Overview

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The explosion sends the aircraft plummeting, forcing the squad to bail out, but Kirilenko grabs the last parachute before Marlowe. If the player is wounded, they must take cover and avoid damage in order to regain health. Video games portal s portal. With the help of explosives from the plane's armory, they access and destroy the scalar weapon.

Features the classic gameplay of the Battlefield series. The Supply Drop crates will remember any weapon the player picks up and this weapon will then be available for the rest of the campaign. Lost tickets can be regained by reviving fallen team mates. The shortcuts are available for purchase for each separate class, or in a bundle pack for all four classes.

Battles are set across expansive maps, each with a different tactical focus. Each class has a variety of unique weapons and equipment, and serves a specific role in combat.

He is believed to be hiding in Chile. Aguire reveals that he wants revenge against the United States for what happened to his father, Thomas Wyatt one of the commandos killed in during Operation Aurora. It is an amazing action game.

You can also compete in four-player teams in two squad-only game modes, fighting together to unlock exclusive awards and achievements. When one team's tickets are depleted, that team will lose the game.

Left with only Kirilenko's papers, Sweetwater discovers there is a shipping manifest for an abandoned ship called the Sangre Del Toro. Angry at his allies for giving up, Marlowe is about to continue the mission alone before Redford stops him and then convinces the rest to continue. Marlowe locates the data server and proceeds to descend the mountain during a blizzard while dodging Russian patrols.

Battlefield Bad Company 2

Unlike other modes, the only enemies are bots. Installation Guide Video is also on bottom of Next page. We have provided direct link full setup of the game. Each class gains experience and levels up separately. There are also sensor stations throughout the campaign which the player can find and destroy - this is also recorded in the campaign stats.

Bad Company and is part of the Battlefield game series. The game also sees the return of the B Company squad in a more mature single-player campaign. While the other members of Bad Company will engage in combat, alert tones for iphone the game relies upon the player to complete the objectives and kill most of the enemies. Several map packs have been released for the game.

You can leave a response or trackback from your own site. It is full and complete game. Players must capture and defend flags for as long as possible. While the squad is mourning Flynn, they hear Kirilenko talking through a guard's radio.

Despite this, Kirilenko betrays Aguire and kills him. Aside from infantry combat, the campaign contains several missions in which the player controls a vehicle, or mans a weapon turret while a teammate controls the vehicle.

Residents of the United States can retrieve unlock codes for the upgrades on the Xbox by purchasing specially marked Dr Pepper bottles. After a firefight to reach the cockpit, they find it empty. Upon installation, the shortcuts will unlock all primary weapons, gadgets and specialisations for their respective class. Tasks one squad of up to four players to capture certain points on the map, allowing the squad to advance. The exception to this is the first mission, which is set prior to the rest of the campaign.

Battlefield Bad Company 2

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Despite evading Russian soldiers and completing the mission successfully, the device is discovered to be a fake. He survives, and is extracted by the others.

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On foot, players are given access to a variety of real-world small arms such as assault rifles and machine guns. Sweetwater lands the satellite and the squad successfully defeat a Russian attempt to destroy it. The game is won by capturing all the points. Haggard and Sweetwater become disheartened, with Haggard going so far as suggesting the squad abort the mission. The squad travels to Bolivia in search of the agent, and after many firefights, they eventually save Aguire.

The kit upgrades include two additional pins and one additional award for each class, as well as unique camouflage upgrades. Vehicles can spawn once a flag is captured.

Features of Battlefield Bad Company 2

By catering to a mouse and keyboard for the consoles, it would maybe skew the even playground. Marlowe knifes the guard and the squad proceeds toward the city of Quito. So we put a lot of effort into making sure that everything worked perfect. He sends them to retrieve his scalar technology intelligence from a French weather satellite that can be controlled from a base in the Andes.