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Mechanical Electrical Electronic and digital. Opponents of the plug-in have argued that Auto-Tune has a negative effect on society's perception and consumption of music.

It's cool that she has some integrity. The use of Auto-Tune in hip hop gained a resurgence in the mids, 321 media player for pc especially in trap music. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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The effect is not to be confused with a vocoder or the talk box. That's how ubiquitous Auto-Tune is. Hildebrand had come up with the idea for a vocal pitch correction technology on the suggestion of a colleague's wife, who had joked that she could use a device to help her sing in tune.

But a magical piece of software-Pro Tools-makes them sound as good as gold. The Gregory Brothers digitally manipulated recorded voices of politicians, news anchors, and political pundits to conform to a melody, making the figures appear to sing. There was a time when people had seven-minute songs and five minutes of them were just straight instrumental.

Antares autotune 4 VST

For correcting pitch in general, see Pitch correction. Problems playing this file?

Pitch modification software s in music s in music s in music Audiovisual introductions in Effects units Music controversies. For automated optimization software, see Self-tuning. Auto-Tune is available as a plug-in for digital audio workstations used in a studio setting and as a stand-alone, rack-mounted unit for live performance processing. Auto-Tune has become standard equipment in professional recording studios.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Auto-Tune running on GarageBand.

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Jay-Z elaborated that he wrote the song under the personal belief that far too many people had jumped on the Auto-Tune bandwagon, and that the trend had become a gimmick. Kanye's digitized vocals are the sound of a man so stupefied by grief, he's become less than human.

Associated Newspapers Ltd. And every singer now presumes that you'll just run their voice through the box. Its use is now more entrenched than ever.

If you use it and you sing into it correctly, it doesn't do anything to your voice. What they didn't see was that you could use those tools in a new way instead of just for replacing the instruments that came before. This is seen in two notable examples, in the works of Kanye West and T-Pain.