The two are like poles apart

Arhaan behl and pooja gor dating

We got to rehearse for just three hours with her before going live. They want to concentrate on their careers at the moment. To God, my parents and a bit of it would go to my hard-work.

Pooja and I have become friends and we have lots of fun when the cameras are not rolling. My girl has to be intelligent, good looking, smart, sensible, mature and lots more. Marriage would mean devoting a lot of time to each other and at present neither of them seem to be ready for it. It's very difficult to describe Krishna.

You are the prankster on the

But never the one to lose hope and a self proclaimed egoist, Krishna says that he will bag all the awards next time round. But despite their efforts to keep the relationship under the wraps, they are known to be a couple by all and sundry. The two are like poles apart.

Here's a list of the actors who are commitment phobic. Yes, it was difficult as I am Punjabi but the director and writer of the show helped me adapt to it nicely. Yes, I like playing pranks on others.

Everyone would come to know once they get married is what the actor always says. Whatever he does seems right to him. He has only loved Pratigya all his life.

Personally, I don't want Krishna to change because he is unique in his behaviour and attitude and that's what separates him from the crowd. The lad swept as many as three awards just missing out the fourth one for which he was nominated.

But no one knows that this on-screen sister-in-law will be the off-screen girlfriend of Arhaan Behl. You are the prankster on the sets. Avantika, Arhan and Me travel in the same vehicle. But the couple has kept themselves silent over this story and are not coming up with any kind of statements. She unveiled that she is very much close to Arhaan and Avantika and knows everything about them.

It was also reported in that the two of them were considering marriage but, unfortunately, they hit the wall the following year. Lead actress Pooja Gor of Pratigya has called the whole story simply a rubbish matter. In fact, I have started getting offers to join various political parties laughs but I am not a politically inclined person. It was scary as we didn't want to err at any cost during the act.

There is nothing happening something affectionate between the couple. Malaika is a gifted dancer and is a quick learner. He is a great friend and a teacher who has helped the actor in me. Talking about me, I have always been a favourite with girls laughs.

Some people are spreading irrelevant stories about the couple just to humiliate them among their fans. The news about their relationship had come as a shock to many, including their fans and the industry people since they had never worked together on any show.

But no one knows