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Rin is excited by the thought that Kagura may be in love with Sesshoumaru while Inuyasha's group navigates a sensitive situation between Miroku and Koharu. If that doesn't spell it out clearly enough, Heero and Relena become a couple by the end of the story, and a postscript chapter focuses on their settling down together and planning marriage. So he romantically cared no longer or he valued his friendship with Kouji too for trying anything with Sayaka.

In any case, it's probably going to take a Retcon to get those two together. And then it's re-floated from onwards, with Sanji's Spanner in the Works actions leading to Pudding actually beginning to fall in love with him. It takes the form of High-Altitude Battle with Aoi Himegami in which the former Sanzen'in butler demands to know why Hinagiku is trying so hard to save a boy who never even noticed she loved him. Despite the premise of Initial D being about touge mountain road racing, romance is also involved between drivers, but are sunk for a myriad of reasons. And then she got murdered.

So make of that what you will. Quite a few fans kept hoping that Hagu would give Yuuta a chance, but saw all their hopes vanquished after Hagu starts avoiding Yuuta after his Anguished Declaration of Love. Ichigo realized that she'll never be with Hiro, and reluctantly helps him reunite with Zero Two. Then her father invaded and Duke's planet, killing the whole population and accidentally turning it into a radioactive wasteland, and they became Star-Crossed Lovers. At the end of the manga, Rin's wandering days with Sesshoumaru end so that she can live with Kaede's human village and relearn how to live with humans.

Matters probably weren't helped by the pervading and never proved rumor that it was partially brought about by the storyboarder's personal grudges. The very final chapter was a ship sinker of epic proportions, as the major ship launchers all hooked up with someone else. At its most pronounced, this can be a Humiliation Conga for shippers. Furthermore, Gen Urobuchi has stated in an interview that Homura's feelings for Madoka are platonic rather than romantic.

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In retrospect, this was the definitive sinking of the pairing and all of the rest only cemented it. Basically, come the last chapter, no one gets to be with the person they love the most. To this day there is a great deal of Fanon that interprets their relationship as one of those bickering on again, off again things. They both watch the fireworks together and wistfully wish the moment could last forever, before Ruka leaves and teasingly gives him a message that he'll regret not marrying her. Bulma actually lampshades it on Namek regretting she didn't start a relationship with Goku.

But what really sunk the ship was when Suzaku decided to use Refrain on her, and then decided against it at the last minute, opting to drug her instead. If you're looking for the trope where a literal sailing vessel sinks, you'll find it at Sinking Ship Scenario. The anime adaptation did this in a rather cruel way. Karin herself states that as long as Sasuke is happy she is happy too finally putting the ship to rest.

This ship finally sank for good when Yasuko starts studying in England and apparently begins a relationship with her roommate. Cue Duke's sister Maria Grace showing up in the next episode and keep in mind it was Sayaka who was meant to show up instead of her.

But what really sunk the ship