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By Press-materials are presumed to have been authored by the producers of the Broadway production of Goldilocks. Are there plans to update the name for Swaziland to the new name of Eswatini. Geography is the best subject by far!

Use the common, English name. It's because of the way the system works, automatic simplified responses can be limited to the first word. After that you can try to memorize capitals and other things like that. Twenty countries have been colored black in the world map. Or you can just type Micronesia.

Name That Fruit Quiz Based on the picture, name the fruit. Countries of North America Quiz. You need to do all these quizzes in order, in an hour. Europe Flags Map Quiz Fill in the map of Europe by correctly guessing the flag corresponding to each highlighted country.

If this is a thing that users can do, it should be made more obvious how. Soccer Team Logos Can you identify these international football clubs based on their logos? Finally got all yesterday and I'm kinda psyched.

Oceania island nations took me a hot minute same with the Antilles. Random European Flag to Country In this quiz the answers change every time you play! Below are ten famous castles and palaces, but can your contestants identify them? This cropped version is used under the same license as the original.

Can your contestants identify them? This is a great quiz QuizMaster!

Presidents by Picture Quiz. Can you correctly guess their flags?

Three Band Flags of Europe. Flags of Europe Quiz All the flags of Europe. That's a pretty good time!

Thank you NitroType and Typing. Flags of Countries with more than Million People For each selected flag, name the country that has a population of at least million people. For each selected flag, name the country.

By No machine-readable author provided. Vegetables by Picture Can you identify these vegetables? If you do this, master of defence you will be able to memorize all the countries. World Leaders by Picture Can you identify these former and current world leaders?

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Can your contestants identify these famous celebrities called Jason? Got Kiribati for the first time to finish it off! Flags of Africa Quiz All the flags of Africa. The fun of this is the game and trying to beat my own score or beating someone else's score. Original uploader was Kebl at en.

The great benefit is learning about the world, which is my favorite part. Random Logos Quiz Guess the things that these logos represent.

Can you guess the correct European Country for the flag shown? Guess the cities that are depicted in these satellite images. Flags of Countries with more than Million People. By Original uploader was Mark E at en.

Gonna keep trying and will hopefully improve. New and Popular de en es fr it pt.

Cross Flags of Europe Name the countries of Europe whose flags contain a cross. By mattbuck category Photo by mattbuck. St Vincent should be enough surely, same with Bosnia. Click here to see them all. Typing on iPhone is tough for my fat fingers and also hard to see the small countries since such small screen and very small map area between onscreen keypad on bottom and dialogue box above the map.

Every European Country Shape. Canary Islands are not a sovereign nation. You can go the blog yourself or just copy-paste the links. Based on the shape, guess the country!

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Prepare for the th country possibly. Name the countries of Europe whose flags consists of only three vertical or horizontal stripes. Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Nobody seemed to be going to do this so I did. Satellite Images - Europe Guess what is pictured in these satellite images of Europe. It is a way to practice your brain through geography.

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License Plates Picture Quiz. State Quarters Picture Quiz. On each map, one country has been highlighted. Every Asian Country Shape.

It's pretty obvious where you're going, if you put in just the first part of the name for the country. Stitched images may differ from reality. Can your contestants identify the country?

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